5 Reasons Why Your Employees Are Delivering Poor Service

5 Reasons Why Your Employees Are Delivering Poor Service

December 05, 2018 | By:

The next time you have a large group of your employees together, ask them this question: How many of you feel we provide a superior Customer experience? I have asked this question hundreds of times. When the audience is made up primarily of one company, nearly every hand in that audience proudly goes up. It… Read Full Article


The Comcast eXperience Transformation: How They Did It

November 14, 2018 | By:

Nearly five years ago, Comcast had a bad year—a really bad year. One that the internet world along with a Customer eXperience (CX) consultant and author like myself capitalize on for great content and examples of what not to do. Their year was similar to the one experienced by United Airlines in 2017, Lululemon in 2013, Spirit Airlines in… Read Full Article

HOW To Implement & Execute All Your Great Ideas

October 23, 2017 | By:

Answering the question…. HOW? The most daunting question when implementing a World Class Customer Service Revolution. Most of the time the easiest part of creating an incredible Customer Experience is the workshop and coming up with all the great ideas. But that is just the beginning, maybe 30%. Next you have to create the tools… Read Full Article

$62 Billion Lost Due To Poor Customer Service By US Companies

June 14, 2017 | By:

Forget New Customers – Stop Losing Existing New research from NewVoiceMedia offers a compelling view of the consequences of poor Customer Service in the U.S. The results reveal that an estimated $62 billion is lost by U.S. businesses each year following bad Customer Experiences. Top reasons for Customers defecting: Customers felt unappreciated Customers left because of… Read Full Article

Customer Service Vision, a Vision that Has an Impact

April 04, 2017 | By:

Aspirational Purpose is Important, however… Having a solid understanding of why your organization exists and what gets you up every day to serve your internal and external customers is the foundation for any successful leader and organization. It’s important to remember, as Simon Sinek has taught us, “people don’t buy what we do, they buy why… Read Full Article

10 Best Customer Service Articles Of 2016

January 04, 2017 | By:

In case you missed them, the 10 most popular eServices of 2016 were the  following. I suggest printing them out, reading and sharing them with your management team. 10. Things You Don’t Want To Shop To The Lowest Bidder There are certain things in life that you don’t want to price shop, look for discounts… Read Full Article

NewDay USA accelerates growth by inspiring Millennials

November 05, 2015 | By:

Well read – In last week’s eService (one of my more popular ones) I shared The difference between a Mission, Purpose, & Customer Service Vision Statements. In it I demonstrate the clear difference and importance of each statement, especially how it should be interpreted by your employees. In this eService I want to demonstrate exactly… Read Full Article

The difference between a Mission, Purpose, & Customer Service Vision Statements

October 28, 2015 | By:

Statement overload! When we start working with a consulting client and tell them the first place we start is creating a customer service vision statement, they say, “The last thing we need is another statement, we have mission statements, purpose statements, and our employees can’t even keep them straight.” Good businesses have evolved away from… Read Full Article

Creating Inspired Moments in each Customer’s day

November 12, 2014 | By:

The following is content taken from John’s soon to be released book The Customer Service Revolution: Overthrow Conventional Business, Inspire Employees, and Change the World (January 2015 Greenleaf Books) Creating the Starbucks Customer Service Vision Statement “Putting our feet in the shoes of the Customers, [we understood] what they were dealing with and [their] anxiety… Read Full Article