From Boomers to Zoomer

December 08, 2023 | By: Cal DiJulius

NAVIGATING THE GENERATIONAL SHIFT IN THE WORKPLACE   Imagine a generation that’s larger than the Baby Boomers, more influential than Millennials, and set to shake things up in a big way. That’s Gen Z for you! Born into a digital world, they are tech-savvy, socially conscious, and fiercely independent. We are not just filling jobs;… Read Full Article

Has Tipflation Reached a Tipping Point

December 04, 2023 | By: John DiJulius

HAS TIPFLATION REACHED A TIPPING POINT Yes, I am jumping on the tipping bandwagon. Everyone is doing it. Not only has the average tipping percentage increased dramatically, but who we tip has expanded. It appears more people and businesses are requesting and expecting a tip these days. It doesn’t matter if you are picking up… Read Full Article

How to Avoid your CX Initiatives from Being Another Flavor of the Month

November 27, 2023 | By: Nicole Paul

You’ve spent months executing a new initiative to help streamline things for your team. Manuals have been created, processes have been approved, the collateral has been ordered, and the team may be weary – however, leadership is SO EXCITED for the culmination of this investment. The day arrives, the notice goes out to the team,… Read Full Article

Customer Experience Metrics: Creating Effective Dashboards

November 06, 2023 | By: Cal DiJulius

How are you measuring the return on your customer experience?  In an era where numbers dominate the business landscape, customer experience metrics have emerged as the holy grail that differentiates leaders from the laggards. The rationale behind this emphasis is clear—customers no longer make decisions purely based on price or product; instead, their experiences influence… Read Full Article

6 Steps To Crafting A Signature Brand Experience That Delights Your Customers

November 06, 2023 | By: Cal DiJulius

Creating a signature brand experience isn’t just about what you do; it’s about how you make your customers feel. It’s the difference between a one-time transaction and a lifelong memory. At the DiJulius Group, we’ve honed a methodology that empowers brands to leave an indelible mark on their customers’ hearts and minds. Think of one… Read Full Article

What Great Leaders Know About The Transformational Power of Positivity

October 29, 2023 | By: John DiJulius

A Superpower of Great Leaders People want to be around uplifting individuals, including leaders who make them feel better about the world and help them see the opportunity in nearly any situation. Such positive leadership helps employees feel better about themselves, today and in the future. Strong leaders, through their actions, teach employees how to… Read Full Article

Research Says This is the Top Determinant in Having a Fulfilling Life

October 17, 2023 | By: John DiJulius

What do you think is the top reason people give when asked what makes life most fulfilling? A great life partner? Raising kids? Money? Pew Research Center conducted a study to better understand Americans’ views of factors that lead to a fulfilling, happy life. Surprisingly, the majority of those surveyed said job satisfaction was the… Read Full Article

Tap into Customer Wisdom and Drive Innovation with a Customer Advisory Board

October 04, 2023 | By: John DiJulius

Among The DiJulius Group’s consulting clients is StandardAero, one of the world’s largest independent maintenance, repair, and overhaul providers for business aviation, commercial aviation, military, and industrial power customers. Like a growing number of organizations, it has a Customer Advisory Board (CAB). I had the good fortune of recently speaking at StandardAero’s annual CAB Meeting… Read Full Article

How To Identify Talent: 7 Key Traits That Set Emerging Leaders Apart

October 02, 2023 | By: John DiJulius and Dave Murray (Co-Author)

“When your company says you want your employees to be leaders, what that really means is that you want their emotional commitment to your vision. A leader’s emotional commitment is about taking on the company success as a personal  crusade.” – Stan Slap When entrepreneurs start a company, they find a few crazy people to… Read Full Article

Boost Your Customer Service Strategy's Success With These Proven Tips

Tips to Boost the Success of Your Customer Service Strategy

September 25, 2023 | By: John DiJulius

How successful is you customer service strategy? Your prices are non-negotiable. The customers trust you, choosing your brand over those of your competitors–even when your prices are higher. Your employees are loyal and stakeholders, content. You have built a company that is respected, and your reputation is strong.   When a successful customer service strategy is… Read Full Article