018: The Trust Edge with David Horsager

There are many leaders today who aren’t solving the issues in their organization – and that’s because they fail to recognize the deeper, underlying issue that sits right at the core of those – trust.

Trust affects everything. And the only way to get faster results is increased trust.

In today’s episode, Dave Murray, senior consultant of The DiJulius Group interviews David Horsager, CEO of the Trust Edge Leadership Institute, inventor of the Enterprise Trust Index, and the director of one of the nation’s foremost trust studies, The Trust Outlook.

David is a global trust leader who works with organizations to build trust, outperform, and outlast.

His work has been featured in prominent publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. David has advised leaders and delivered life-changing presentations on six continents, with audiences ranging everywhere from FedEx, Toyota, and global governments – to the New York Yankees and the Department of Homeland Security.

David is the best-selling author of two books: The Trust Edge: How Top Leaders Gain Faster Results, Deeper Relationships, and a Stronger Bottom Line and The Daily Edge: Simple Strategies to Increase Efficiency and Make an Impact Every Day. His latest book is called Trusted Leader: 8 Pillars That Drive Results

Join us for a fascinating conversation today!

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • What is the global trust crisis?
  • How institutional trust has dramatically declined in the U.S. in the last 50 years.
  • Why trust is at the core of today’s issues.
  • How a lack of trust can be your company’s largest expense.
  • The importance of trust and how that leads to engagement.
  • How do we deal with communication issues?
  • Trust and leadership in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • How the trust level is measured in organizations.
  • Some pillars you need to build to drive results and become a trusted leader.
  • How does being a slave to your habits affect leadership?
  • Why the consistency pillar is very important as a trusted leader.
  • What is the trust edge?
  • What is the daily edge?


Resources mentioned:



The Trust Edge: https://www.amazon.com/Trust-Edge-Leaders-Relationships-Stronger/dp/1476711372


About The Author

Dave Murray

Dave is the Senior Customer Experience Consultant for The DiJulius Group and has helped dozens of companies create incredible systems that allow them to consistently deliver superior customer service. Dave’s experience has varied from leading call centers and front-line team members, to working closely with key partners and stakeholders.