026: Recapping Week 3 of The Customer Service Revolution Conference

Chief Revolution Officer John DiJulius and Senior Customer Experience Consultant Dave Murray recap the amazing group of speakers that presented during week 3 of The Customer Service Revolution Conference, featuring Jesse Itzler, Dr. Paul Bizjak, Darren LaCroix, Dave Murray, and John DiJulius.


You will learn:

  • How to address the relationship deficit 
  • How to avoid empathy fatigue
  • Find the conversation gifts
  • You can’t persuade, entertain, or educate without feeling a connection
  • Boring Loses Business – Be Unforgettable
  • Virtual is different 
  • 3 Secrets to running more engaging online meetings 
    • Virtual dulls connections – 
      • Master the tools to make it personal again
      • Focus on your friends behind the lens
      • Backgrounds can be distracting, poor lighting, your audio, 
    • Flow matters – Avoid not keeping your audience engaged
      • Change the pace element every 3-4 minutes (ex. tell a story, ask a question, teach)
      • The most important part of a meeting is the thought process of a listener’s mind
    • Use effective pace elements:
      • Well-told stories
      • Elicit emotion
      • 63% of listeners remember stories vs 5% remember statistics 
      • Open with a relatable character, then go into the solution and finish with the outcome
      • Short meaningful clips
      • Ask your attendees to participate, answer, type in, and raise their hands Call your attendees out by name and use polls and breakout rooms
  • Your customer is whoever benefits or suffers from the work you do
  • Customer Experience Cycle (CEC) = Consistency
  • Invisible Service Providers are your back-of-the-house employees who do not come in contact with external customers. They are critical to the overall customer experience.
  • We are all one idea away from changing the trajectory of our lives & business
  • The 3 C’s of customer service:
    • Compliment
    • Congratulate
    • Console
  • Build deep meaningful authentic relationships 
  • Your customers start rooting for you, they want to give you referrals
  • Evening routines – 5- 10 minutes mapping out the next day 
  • Take an inventory of business, friends, associates, who cares, and who’s showing love
  • This is the time to be remembered as a great human
  • Why are chips bad for the dog, but okay for our children to eat?
  • 80% of Americans have at least 1 chronic illness 50% have 2+
  • It comes down to our lifestyle. The big 4 of our lifestyle choices:
    • Food you eat
    • Exercise you do
    • How you manage your stress
    • How much sleep you get
  • Presenteeism = physically at work but unable to perform your duties. It also applies to our family, spouse, and life
  • The Customer Experience Executive Academy Class of 2021 and the CX Coaching brand


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