Stop Capping People’s Potential

Make The One Thing The ONE Thing

You can say all you want about what your #1 priority is, however, until you D9aa40ec 277d 4920 8e7e 1cf93788b4a0, The DiJulius Group create a system that is measurable and accountable, it is just lip service. One of my favorite things to ask the CEO’s of my consulting clients is, “what is the one thing, we can help you improve, that will have a significant impact on your bottom line.” I had one CEO tell me that a 1% improvement would result in millions of dollars. So when you know what that one thing is, you make it the ONE thing. You become obsessed with creating a system that has an applied metric that everyone in the company can monitor hourly, with real time feedback. And when I say everyone, I mean whenever that ONE thing isn’t done, every time that ONE thing isn’t done, alarms and sirens go off. The Customer-facing employee knows, their leader is immediately notified; the CEO and COO receive an automated text to their personal cell phones. Your system should be similar to this scene from the movie Monster’s Inc.

We Need An Unreality Check  

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Are you guilty of capping people’s potential; be it your employees, Customers, or child? One of the major problems today in the world is a lack of innovation. Innovation comes from creativity and people using their imaginations. As leaders, educators and teachers, we need to help people think big, dream big. We need more jobs of the world, as in Steve Jobs.

Recently, my son Bo DiJulius had a class assignment for his seventh grade 94c37c28 C8ad 4d04 Bccc 4b11a52ad528, The DiJulius Group class titled  “Realistic”. The assignment was meant to teach kids what it meant to be realistic. Students were asked if someone’s big goal was realistic. I don’t think the answer my son gave them was what they where looking for. However, I couldn’t be more proud of the answer he gave and the way he thinks.

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The Title Of The Chapter You Are Living In Right Now

A few eServices ago, I shared a great exercise titled If Your Life Were A Book, What Would You Entitle The Chapter You Are In Right Now? I got several outstanding responses to what people would name the current chapter of their life. I loved all the positive mindsets out there.

  • I Can See The Attainable Summit from Here
  • “Freeze Me Now”
  • The Hardest Year Of My Life!
  • The Best Years
  • The Waiting Game
  • Right Time Right Place
  • Luckiest Person
  • Loving It
  • Grateful
  • Peaking
  • Living The Life I Earned
  • Kicking Ass
  • Ambitiously Content 1ad127c2 066e 4053 Af68 Acc3ac118a80, The DiJulius Group
  • Making A Difference And Deepening Relationships
  • The Hustle
  • Professional Re-Discovery
  • Done That…What’s Next
  • Old Dog, New Tricks

Feature Video Clip 

Watch this  1-minute video to see what is the most important thing that determines how good any company or person’s Customer service is.

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