Matthew McConaughey: 9 Bites of Wisdom

Best graduation speech of 2015 – I love this time of year because of all the amazing leaders providing inspiring commencement speeches. However, the best one I have come across did not come from a business leader or politician. It came from a Hollywood actor. Matthew McConaughey spoke to the 2015 graduates of the University of Houston. Here are my top nine favorite things McConaughey said:

  1. “The sooner we become LESS IMPRESSED – with our life, our accomplishments, our career, the prospect in front of us – and MORE INVOLVED with these things, the sooner we get a whole lot better at doing them.”
  2. “LIFE’S NOT EASY…don’t try and make it that way. It’s not fair, it never was, it isn’t now, it won’t ever be. Do not fall into the entitlement trap of feeling you are a victim. You are not. Get over it and get on with it. And yes, most things are more rewarding when you break a sweat to get ’em.”
  3. “Unbelievable is the stupidest word in the dictionary. It shouldn’t ever come out of our mouths. Give others and yourself more credit. It just happened, you witnessed it, you just did it, believe it. Acknowledge acts of greatness as real, and do NOT be naive about mankind’s capacity for evil nor be in denial of our own shortcomings. NOTHING we do is unbelievable.”
  4. “Happiness is different than Joy. Joy is not a response to some result, it is a constant. Joy is “the feeling we have from doing what we are fashioned to do,” no matter the outcome. JOY is always in process, under construction – it’s in the constant approach, alive and well -in the DOING of what we are fashioned to do… and enJOYing doing it.”
  6. “We do our best when our destinations are beyond the “measurement,” when our reach continually exceeds our grasp, when we have immortal finish lines. When we do this, the race is never over. The journey has no port. The adventure never ends because we are always on our way.”
  8. “All I want is what I can see, and what I can see, is in front of me.”
  9. “I shook hands with myself, my best friend, the one we’re all stuck with anyway. From that morning on, the adventure was awesome. I was present, out of my own way, not anticipating next, embracing only what was in front of my eyes, and giving everything the justice it deserved.”

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