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John DiJulius Customer Service Revolution Keynote Presentation

Jess Pischel – Day in the Life of a Customer

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The biggest challenge nearly every company has is that their customer facing employees cannot relate to their customer for several reasons, including differences in age, demographics, income levels, or circumstances. Thus they do not know what their customer is going through, personally or professionally. They can’t see it from the customer’s perspective, which results in a lack of empathy and compassion. They become numb and transactional.

So the very FIRST thing The DiJulius Group does with our clients is create a Day in the Life of a Customer. Creating a Day in the Life of a Customer script will be one of the best exercises your company can do to change the mindset and service aptitude of your entire organization. Your Day in the Life of your Customer script should be like watching a reality TV show of your customer’s day unfolding—a roller coaster of twists and turns and surprises, both positive and challenging.

As a result, your employees gain an abundance of compassion and empathy for every customer with whom they interact. The script focuses on two things:

1. What is happening in the customer’s life prior to coming in contact with your business; their personal life—stresses, kids, spouse, traffic, and their professional life—dealing with work demands, their own customers, bosses, business demands.

2. How that relates to why and how they need your company’s services and products; how what your company provides solves their problems or makes their day easier, better, or even helps make their dreams come true.