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A world leader in AI for business, IBM has deployed Watson solutions in thousands of engagements with clients across 20 industries and 80 countries. Watson can understand all forms of structured and unstructured data, learn and reason from it, and interact naturally with humans. With Watson’s suite of APIs and solutions, enterprises across industries are achieving profound business outcomes, whether by improving customer engagement and scaling employee expertise, or by driving innovation and growing research capabilities. IBM’s Watson solutions are widely used in industries, including by 7 of the 10 largest automotive companies and 8 of the 10 largest oil and gas companies. For more information, visit

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Hireology’s integrated hiring and retention platform empowers multi-location, owner-operated, and independently owned businesses to build their best teams with confidence. The company equips teams with the skills and technology needed to manage the full employee lifecycle – from hire to retire – in one seamless platform. With focused expertise across several industries – including automotive, education, healthcare, and professional services – more than 3,250 businesses today trust Hireology to help build great teams, lift customer service and drive profitability.

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Lessonly is powerfully simple training software that helps teams learn, practice, and do better work. We are used by over 2 million learners at more than 550 leading companies including Trunk Club, Ibotta, U.S. Cellular, and Zendesk to share knowledge, develop skills, and reinforce best practices. The result is faster onboarding, higher NPS scores, more closed deals, and a superior customer experience.

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We’ve been in the call center business for over 30 years, and during that time we’ve built up an unsurpassed team of high-quality customer service associates, all rigorously trained to bring results.

Our Sioux Falls location is accompanied by offices in Fargo, ND, North Sioux City, SD and Wichita, KS. The Midwestern workforce obtains great work ethic and clear, friendly speech so our partners feel good about outsourcing all their customer care needs to us, from inbound to outbound support. Visit us at

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We are a team dedicated to creating the best Event Technology for our clients, while providing them with world-class support. In a world where event technology has become over complicated and difficult to use, Socio allows you to create an unforgettable experience that is user friendly for both you, and your attendees.

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Studio K Photography: where Photography and Art comes together to create an unforgettable Image.

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Milia Marketing sheds light on sales and marketing challenges by creating solutions that drive qualified traffic and leads to clients’ businesses through Website Design & Strategy, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

You need a goal-focused marketing strategy. Your marketing efforts need to be focused, measurable, and in line with your organizational goals.

Helping the businesses we work with to attract online visitors, convert them into leads, and then generate revenue opportunities is at the core of everything we do. We don’t just believe in smart business outcomes, but also in transparency.

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We have assembled a complete offering of services to handle all of your business needs. Proforma applies creativity and innovation to your business challenges, from the development of brochures and promotional items to the execution of marketing campaigns and ecommerce solutions, making us the One Source for all your brand marketing and graphic communications needs. Visit us at

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The world is incredible and there are so many amazing opportunities available to a large percentage of kids. Believe in Dreams® is a non-profit organization that fulfill dreams of economically disadvantaged youth who have survived non-medical adversity by providing access to enriching opportunities, connection to community and hope for the future. To learn more about our work please check us out at

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An audience of over 700 Customer service leaders and decision makers, fully invested in providing a world-class experience for their customers, is just one of the reasons why the The Customer Service Revolution is far more than an exhibiting opportunity.

You too can learn how to become a solution provider at the fastest-growing Customer Service Conference in America. The opportunities are endless! Schedule a call today.

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