Pilot Buys Pizzas For Passengers

Taco Bell employee shoots unhappy Customer – A new technique being experimented with by some fast food restaurants to deter Customers from complaining — is to shoot them! (Not really) However it did actually happen. A Taco Bell employee shot an unhappy Customer with a BB gun and then pistol-whipped him after the Customer became impatient with the drive-up window service. The Customer told police he’d been waiting for his taco order at the drive-thru “for a very long time” and had wanted to make a complaint about the poor service, but no one would help him. The worker was arrested on two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and one count of assault and battery. Read full story.

Sometimes those who have less give more – A person decided to do a social experiment. He went into a pizza shop, approached a few diners and asked them for a slice. He was denied each time. The first person to actually share his food with Sam was a selfless homeless man. Watch the 60 second video, it will change your thinking.

Pilot buys pizzas for inconvenienced passengers – After a diversion to a Wyoming airport due to inclement weather in Denver, a Frontier pilot, Captain Gerhard Bradner, decided to buy pizza for nearly 160 passengers. After sitting on the tarmac for a couple of hours, the pilot realized he would have 157 hungry passengers after the food on the plane quickly ran out, and a hungry crowd can turn into a cranky one. So he did what any intelligent pilot would do in a case like this: he called Domino’s Pizza and ordered 30 pizzas to be delivered to the plane– and paid for the pizzas out of his own pocket. “If the need arises you need to take care of your family; you need to take care of your passengers. They are my responsibility the moment they step on the aircraft until they get off the aircraft,” Captain Brandner said. Read full story.

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5 Ways to Slow Your Work Down – Best-selling author of Take the Stairs, Rory Vaden, has just finished his newest book, Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time. I got the opportunity to read it and it is Vaden’s best work yet. “The speed at which business and life operates seems to be overwhelming these days. We rush out of bed, rush to get ready, rush to the office and then rush all day to get projects done and meet deadlines. Many times, though, it seems like the faster we work, the more work that piles up; and the harder we try to get caught up, the more it sometimes feels like we fall behind. We are stressed. We are anxious. We are tired,” writes Vaden. “Many of us have falsely convinced ourselves that if we work fast enough and long enough that we’ll get to a place that we’ll finally have margin…it’s not true. So perpetually running at a frenetic pace isn’t going to do anything but burn you out.”

Creating Peace while accomplishing more – Vaden shares, “Instead, create space. Make margin. Be intentional about what you agree to take on and what you turn down. And protect the time that you need to accomplish your most significant priorities. Let go of your fear that you will miss out on something by realizing things are never as bad as they feel or as good as they sound.” These are just a few of the strategies outlined in Vaden’s new book called Procrastinate on Purpose. Our own Dave Murray had a chance to interview Rory about it’s upcoming release, listen to the interview here!

Rory Vaden keynoting at the 2014 Secret Service Summit – Back by popular demand, Rory Vaden spoke at the 2012 Secret Service Summit and was one the highest rated speakers the summit has ever had. The DiJulius Group is so excited to share that Rory is back presenting at the Secret Service Summit November 5th & 6th in Cleveland, Ohio. The Summit audience will be one of the first people to hear Rory’s new presentation based on his new book Procrastinate on Purpose.


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