You Do Not Merely Want To Be Considered Just The Best Of The Best

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You Do Not Merely Want To Be Considered Just The Best Of The Best

All my buddies growing up would play football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring and summer. Not me. In the fall I would practice baseball; in the winter, I was at the indoor batting cages; and in the spring and summer I was playing baseball. It is not that I didn’t love all the other sports as much as my friends did, however, I needed to focus on my baseball skills twelve months a year so I could make the baseball team come spring. Because I wasn’t as good of an athlete as everyone else, I learned at a young age to be narrow and deep. I could not spread myself too thin. It worked out well for me, as I was fortunate to end up playing division 1 baseball in college. 

I have maintained that same mindset, being narrow and deep—you could say, a fanatical obsession with single focus, throughout my entire life and it has been the single biggest factor in my professional success. I have lived by the following quote, mantra, philosophy:

SUhxI3GT7b7hRKOsZM0qw9w, The DiJulius GroupYou can say I am obsessed with that quote. You want to be so amazing in your area, that when people ask who the best is, there is only one answer—you, your name, the name of your company. When I ask the following questions, I always get one answer: Who is the greatest basketball player that ever lived? Who is the greatest hockey player that ever played? Who is the best quarterback that ever played? Who has created the most magical theme park in the world? Who has created the best technology devices ever? Who is the most convenient and easiest to do business with worldwide? None of those answers are debatable.

Being THE Authority At What You Do

A true expert is someone who spends more time at his craft than is reasonably expected. That is why for over twenty years, since inception, The DiJulius Group only consults on one area of expertise—Experience (Customer and Employee). I know many companies, speakers and consultants that market themselves as “experts” on several topics. How can you be the smartest person walking the planet on multiple things? In order to be “THE” authority, not “a” authority, but “THE”, you and your team needs to eat, sleep, drink, and breathe your area of expertise 24/7. In other words, consume, consume, consume your topic, by reading books, articles, research trends, best practices, having nonstop conversations, meetings, thinking about, brainstorming, practicing, and presenting on that topic. As a result of our singular focus, we turn away a significant percentage of business opportunities because it is outside of the Customer & Employee Experience. If we are not the smartest, we will recommend someone who is.

Are you confident that you are the definitive expert, THE authority at what you do? Are you ensuring you and your team are consuming everything out there possible on your subject? Is your marketing and branding sending that message to your audience or are you trying to be too many things to too many Customers? More importantly are your Clients confident you are THE Authority at what you do, that you are the only one that does what you do?


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Article You Need To Read


I really enjoyed Deloitte’s 2020 Global Marketing Trends titled Bringing Authenticity To Our Digital Age. It is about how we are experiencing and living in an era of unprecedented technological innovation, which has spurred the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is a comprehensive report about how C-suite leadership has to develop technology advancement strategies that keep the human front and center. It ties in perfectly with The Relationship Economy. Some of my key takeaways (and there were many):

  • Though purpose is not new, it’s more important now than ever for purpose to direct every strategic choice across the organization. Authentic, human-centric purposes are differentiated in the mind of society in a way that’s impossible for others to imitate. The second trend—human experience—weaves purpose across a brand’s interactions and relationships with its customers, workforce, and business partners, helping ensure that every facet of a company’s operations is aligned with making the world better for all the people it serves.
  • In the new world of work, it can be difficult to evoke loyalty in the workforce, with more than half of all workers thinking about leaving their jobs, according to a recent Deloitte report on talent in the workforce. Retaining people typically requires building real relationships.
  • Your workforce can be your best ambassador.
  • The younger generations want to work at companies with an authentic purpose, with more than 70% of millennials expecting their employers to focus on societal or mission-driven problems. They are aiming to leave an enduring impact on people’s lives.

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Quote Of The Week


“A lot of people are pretty delusional on what it takes to be the best. 

It is a level of commitment most sane people aren’t willing to do.”

Mark Perry, 2x NCAA wrestling champion


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Announcing the Speaker Lineup For The 2020 Customer Service Revolution!


CSR20 Speakers Scaled, The DiJulius Group

We are so excited to announce the incredible lineup for the 2020 Customer Service Revolution happening October 7-8 in Cleveland, Ohio. We have selected the most amazing lineup of experts to ensure you and your team can continue to disrupt your industry, be the brand Customers cannot live without and make price irrelevant. We will be announcing more event speakers in the coming weeks.

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