6 Reasons Your Customer Experience Plummets When Your Business Skyrockets – and How to Avoid or Fix It

Webinar with John DiJulius

Nothing Ruins a Company’s Customer Experience Faster Than Rapid Growth

Explosive growth! It is the one thing every CEO and Entrepreneur wants, works for, dreams about. However, if your company isn’t ready, it can be the worst thing for your organization. Remember the adage, “Be careful what you wish for.” It has put many successful companies out of business.

Rarely does a company go through rapid growth without having their customer and employee experience suffer significantly from:

  • ✓ Compromised Hiring
  • ✓ Fast- Tracking New Employee Training
  • ✓ Employee Turnover Increasing Dramatically
  • ✓ Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention Dropping Significantly
  • ✓ Systems not Buttoned up and Scalable
  • ✓ A Clashing of Cultures

If you’re currently -or in jeopardy of- experiencing any of these, register to join the webinar as John discusses how to avoid and fix the six biggest reasons your customer experience plummets when your company experiences fast growth.

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