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The DiJulius Group offers high energy and high takeaway keynotes that will:

  • Help increase the service aptitude of everyone in your organization
  • Train your employees to have more compassion and empathy for your customers
  • Make price irrelevant
  • Help become the brand your customers cannot live without

Popular keynote topics include:

Creating a Customer Service Revolution

Overthrow Conventional Business, Inspire Employees, and Change the World

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In order to be a customer experience leader in your industry, you need to provide a consistently great brand experience for your customers, employees, vendors, and community. The problem is, expectations are higher than ever and one negative review can permanently ruin your reputation.

Create a Customer Service Revolution within your organization and be the brand people cannot live without. Learn how numerous companies have made customer service their biggest competitive advantage, are dominating their industries, and are making price irrelevant!


Takeaways from the Customer Service Revolution keynote:

  • How to increase your employee’s service aptitude
  • How to develop compassion & empathy for your customers
  • How to create a Customer Experience Action statement
  • How to create non negotiable standards that every team member will follow
  • How to build a relationship with your customer that makes you the brand they can’t live without
  • How to deliver a consistent world-class customer experience
  • How you are the experience, not technology
  • How to make every moment with the customer intentional

The Relationship Economy

Building Strong Customer Connections in the Digital Age

Today is known as the digital disruption era. Technology has provided us with amazing advances, information, knowledge, instant access, and entertainment like never before. However, as convenient as these advances make our lives, they have also led to a dramatic decline in people skills. That is why building relationships and genuine connections have never been more important.

Businesses that master The Relationship Economy will have an incredible advantage that separates them from the competition.

Takeaways from The Relationship Economy keynote:

  • How the technological revolution is impacting our society
  • How the lack of social skills is the problem of business leaders to solve
  • How to use technology to perform basic tasks, enabling employees to focus on building relationships that result in higher customer loyalty, retention, lifetime value, and job satisfaction
  • How we are relationship disadvantaged
  • How to build a culture that creates emotional connections with your customers
  • How to create relationship building training for new and existing employees
  • How to build relationships utilizing the five key skills 
  • How to become the brand customers & employees cannot live without
  • How to make price irrelevant

Virtual Keynotes and Workshops Also Available

The Employee Experience Revolution

Become the be professional decision of your employee life

As leaders, we need to do better, employees deserve better. The “Great Resignation”, “Quiet Quitting”, and “Cancel Culture” are not indictments on employees, but rather, business leaders’ lack of focus on truly caring for the people who are under their command. Today employees are more selective than ever regarding who they will work for; they are insisting that companies and their leaders help them live the right life. That is how you build a world-class culture.

Great brands are born to help people live extraordinary lives. Great leaders inspire their employees to build lives of meaning and purpose. As a result, they help their employees and customers reach their fullest potential.

You will learn:

  • How the great resignation started a decade before the pandemic
  • Unhappy employees are a company’s great expense
  • Start with building & developing great leaders
  • Creating a Recruitment Experience
  • How to Build a Moat around your top talent
  • What the future of work looks like
  • Leaving a Leadership Legacy
  • Power of Purpose
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