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How committed are you to improving your customer’s experience?

It’s time to stop guessing at the next best strategy for improving your NPS scores and customer loyalty.
It’s time to start learning the methodology applied by world-class companies to create consistent memorable moments that lead to happy customers and happy employees.
You’ll learn:
  • How to develop tailored experiential standards for each customer, in each interaction they have with your company
  • How to create systems that ensure consistency among departments and locations
  • How to Implement zero risk systems that avoid service challenges and strengthen customer relationships
  • How to measure your customer’s experience and execute with the data you receive.
  • And become a world-class Customer Service Experience leader

Bond with fellow Customer eXperience Executives as you share best practices, set goals for you and your business to create brand evangelists, and make price irrelevant.

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The Customer Experience Executive Academy course is a 12-month part-time rigorous program. Training will occur in the classroom, businesses and virtually through scheduled calls and webinars. The CXE student is required to attend quarterly intensive training sessions and also participate in virtual meetings.

Each classroom session is a combination of lecture and interactive workshops. Initially, the students will learn what a customer experience organization looks like in another company by obtaining information regarding history, implementation, key performance metrics, and success through interviews.

Students will then be challenged to develop a custom strategic plan for their organization while assessing the current state of service and work to build a culture that delivers world-class experiences consistently, while being able to train and educate their colleagues accordingly. This will be demonstrated in the form of a presentation given to the rest of their classmates for input and review.

The CXO (Chief eXperience Officer) has been one of the fastest growing positions in corporate America over the last decade. The Customer Xperience Executive Academy (CXEA) is like a master’s degree in Customer Experience.

In this part-time course, you will learn The DiJulius Group’s methodology that has been used by companies like Starbucks, The Ritz-Carlton, Chick-fil-A, and many more world-class customer service companies.  Students learn to create a custom strategic plan for their organization to build a culture that delivers world-class experiences consistently, while being able to train and educate their colleagues.

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 Next Session Dates:

Fall Session Nov 5-7

Winter Session Jan 28-30 (2025)

Spring April 8-10 (2025)

Summer July 15-17 (2025)


$ 15,000


In Class Sessions in Cleveland, Ohio

For more details on dates and time, please contact Claudia

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The CXE course outline has been designed to prepare leaders like you, from around the world, for a new level of leadership, to the benefit of both your career and your organization. This course enables you to assess the current state of service in an organization and work to build a culture within that delivers world-class Xperiences consistently.

The CXE Academy provides comprehensive training and certification on all facets and responsibilities that fall under the Customer Xperience, while sharing best practices through high impact exchanges with like-minded professionals. As a student at The CXE Academy you will develop your ability to design and implement significant business change that impacts the customer service delivered by your organization.

The series of classes developed for The CXE Academy follows the trademarked X Commandments methodology created by John DiJulius and The DiJulius Group. As a participant, you will learn the importance of each aspect of this methodology, and how to implement and execute on each one.

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  • Adapt The DiJulius Group’s trademarked X-Commandment methodology and tailor it to your business
  • Start a Customer Service Revolution in your organization
  • Transform and improve the six components of your Customer’s experience
  • Create a strong Customer Experience Action Statement that instills purpose in your employees
  • Recruit, engage, retain and develop employees with high service aptitude that align to your core values
  • Build a culture that seeks to go above and beyond what is expected during interactions
  • Develop non-negotiable experiential standards that are executed on, with each customer, in each interaction
  • Systematize hospitality to ensure consistency among departments and locations
  • Create and implement zero risk systems to avoid service challenges and work to strengthen customer relationships if you experience a service failure
  • Measure your customer’s experience and how to address the data your receive
  • Walk the talk as a World-class leader


In Class Sessions in Cleveland, Ohio

For more details on dates and time, please contact Claudia

View the 2024/2025 Syllabus

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