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Customer service, done right, can be your company’s single, biggest, competitive advantage. Join Customer Service Authority and best-selling author, John DiJulius, as he interviews leaders who are revolutionizing their industries. Scroll down to see our most recent episodes.

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CSR Ep157 Fbfeature, The DiJulius Group

157: Cutting-Edge AI Trends and How to Apply Them to Your Customer Experience

Can you imagine a brand so powerful that its customer service makes it indispensable? On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, Scott Wozniak, CEO of Swoz Consulting and author of “Make Your Brand Legendary,” joins John to inspect the shifts in customer service and employee experience. We tackle the...
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CSR Ep156 Fbfeature, The DiJulius Group

156: The Famous Way

Growing up in the shadow of a family business feels like living within the pages of history, every turn a new chapter waiting to be written. On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, that’s the energy Brian Blaushild, president of Famous Supply, brings as he recounts the story of...
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CSR Ep155 Fbfeature, The DiJulius Group

155: Presentation Skills to Get Ahead in the Corporate World

Revolutionize your customer interactions and presentation skills on a path to service excellence. Picture a world where artificial intelligence redefines our potential and empowers customer service agents. In this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, we reveal how AI liberates and uplifts the spirit of service, turning every customer interaction...
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CSR Ep154 Fbfeature, The DiJulius Group

154: Time to Have Some Insights

There’s a future where captivating presentations and innovative branding strategies set your business apart. On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, John and guest Chris Kocek, CEO of Gallant Branding, share the secrets to delivering presentations that will engage your team and ignite a shared vision that eclipses price...
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CSR Ep153 Fbfeature, The DiJulius Group

153: Improving Customer Service Reps Productivity Through AI with Juan Jaysingh

Is your company's watchful AI eye crossing the line into employee privacy? On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, John tackles this contentious debate head-on, sharing his astonishment at the corporate practice of monitoring employee communications through artificial intelligence. Guest Juan Jaysingh, the brains behind Zingtree, shares the role...
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CSR Ep152 Featured, The DiJulius Group

152: The Power of Purpose

Uncover the future of customer service as we explore the power of AI, where technology meets empathy head-on. John and his colleague Dave Murray take you through the emerging “collaborative AI” world, redefining traditional customer interactions and the emotional bonds they forge. From tackling empathy fatigue to considering AI as...
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CSR Ep151 FBFeatured, The DiJulius Group

151: Welcome to the Employee Experience Revolution

If you’ve ever felt like your work environment was stifling your potential, that's the spark that ignited a revolution—one that John’s co-author, Dave Murray, and John explore in today’s episode of The Customer Service Revolution. We unravel the threads that bind employee happiness and business success. The workplace is changing...
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CSR Ep150 Featured, The DiJulius Group

150: How to Achieve More than Just Customer Satisfaction: Become the Brand Customers Cannot Live Without

Have you ever walked into a store and felt like just another face in the crowd? This episode of The Customer Service Revolution delves into research from Drexel University that underlines the consumer's desire for authentic interactions in an increasingly automated retail world. John shares a pivotal moment for Starbucks...
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CSR Ep149 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

149: What is Your Competitive Advantage?

Want the secrets to standing out in a crowded market and captivating your customers? On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, get ready to change your business as guest Jaynie Smith analyzes the stark reality that many CEOs are in the dark about their competitive edge. John’s conversation with...
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CSR Ep148 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

148: Find Out What Dating and Customer Service Have in Common

Uncover the secrets to fostering unbeatable customer service and leadership skills with Lakshmi Rengarajan, a dating industry researcher. This episode of The Customer Service Revolution explores the surprising similarities between dating and professional relationship-building. Discover how mastering connections is about finding love and inspiring teams, retaining employees, and revolutionizing customer...
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CSR Ep147 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

147: Stop the Shift Show

Unleash the full potential of your customer service team and lead your business to new heights with Scott Greenberg, the acclaimed author, and former Edible Arrangements franchisee, as he shares his playbook for excellence in leadership. On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, prepare to change your understanding of...
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CSR Ep146 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

146: No Dreams Left Behind

When a child's future seems etched by adversity, the power of a dream can be revolutionary. On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, JKatie Eichenauer of Believe in Dreams joins John. We unwrap the emotions of transforming childhood trauma into triumph. Their discussion ventures into the stories of children...
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CSR Ep145 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

145: A Woman’s Rise to the Top Using Smarts, Heart, and Courage

Imagine the shock when we discover that the quiet powerhouse of customer retention could eclipse the flash of traditional advertising in driving business success. This episode of The Customer Service Revolution peels back the layers of customer experience, highlighting how a 5% uptick in retention might skyrocket profits by an...
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CSR Ep144 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

144: How to Use Generative AI to Improve Your CX

Have you ever envisioned a world where artificial intelligence transforms the way we connect with customers? Shanif Dhanani, the wizard behind Locusive, joins John to offer a glimpse into the future. They dissect the revolutionary integration of generative AI in customer service, a journey through the lifecycle of crafting a...
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what motivates millennials, what motivates Gen Zers in the workplace

143: Motivating Millennials & Gen Zs in the Workplace

Have you wondered what motivates the Millennials and what motivates Gen Zs in the workplace? And how do you overcome it? Welcome to a new chapter in The Customer Service Revolution, where we explore the seismic shift in how businesses approach client satisfaction and its profound ripple effect on company...
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CSR Ep142 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

142: Improving Patient Experience in Healthcare

Unlock the secrets to elevating your business and improving patient experience in healthcare with Matt Jensen.   On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, we uncover Matt's journey with Vance Thompson Vision.  Then we reveal how an unwavering commitment to improving patient experience has propelled them to the forefront of...
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CSR Ep141 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

141: Creating The Lawsuit-Free Company

From his time in the military to the courtroom, Alex Gertsburg has navigated a path that's as inspiring as instructive. In this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, Alex, the managing partner of Gertsburg Licata Law Firm, joins John to share his journey and how it's shaped his approach to...
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CSR Ep140 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

140: How to Build a World-Class Sales Team

When sales guru Morné Smit sits down to chat, you know it's time to take notes. His journey from a humble sales start to revolutionizing company growth is nothing short of inspiring, and that's precisely what we get into in this episode. On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution...
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CSR Ep139 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

139: Being Customer Obsessed

Unlock the secrets of service excellence with special guest Tom Smith as we tackle the transformative effects of outstanding customer care and the hot-button topic of “tipflation.” On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, experience a journey through the hospitality landscape, examining the fine art of making someone's day...
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CSR Ep138 FBFeatured, The DiJulius Group

138: Growing Fast While Not Hurting Your Customer Experience

When Michael Caito rolled up his sleeves to launch Restaurants on the Run with just $6,000, he was scripting what would become an entrepreneurial odyssey—a $40 million revenue behemoth that caught Grubhub's eye. On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, sit down with us as Michael reveals the inner...
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CSR Ep137 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

137: How Can Frontline Insights Improve Customer Experience

Have you ever wondered how businesses achieve that coveted synergy between their frontline staff and the expectations of their customers? On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, Christopher Wallace, the co-founder and president of InnerView Group, joins John to unravel the secrets behind a customer service revolution taking the...
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CSR Ep136 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

136: How AI Will Impact Customer Service

Prepare for an enlightening conversation on how artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing customer service and creating a significant competitive advantage! On today’s episode of The Customer Service Revolution, John’s guest, Aurélien Coq, an astute product manager at Esker, will share how AI automation liberates customer service professionals from monotonous tasks...
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CSR Ep135 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

135: Live No TMRW

When the chips are down, what can wrestling teach us about life, entrepreneurship, and the art of excellent customer service? On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, John and his son, the dynamic wrestler-turned-entrepreneur Johnni DiJulius, explore what the wrestling world can teach us. We meander through Johnni's wrestling...
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CSR Ep134 Fbfeature, The DiJulius Group

134: Turn Angry Customers into Brand Evangelists

On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, Nicole Paul, a renowned expert in customer experience, is our guest host. Nicole plunges into the heart of customer service, discussing its potential as a competitive edge, the importance of transparent communication within an organization, and some useful methods to transform unhappy...
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CSR Ep133 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

133: The Employee Experience Revolution

Prepare to uncover the truth about customer service in today's US economy. We promise you a discussion that will not only shed light on the dramatic shift in consumer sentiment but also offer insights on how to turn this customer service recession into your competitive advantage. With customer satisfaction at...
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CSR EP132 FBFeatured, The DiJulius Group

132: The 8 Things World-Class Experience Organizations Do Consistently Better Than Anyone Else

Get ready to unlock the game-changing potential of customer service with best-selling author and expert John DiJulius. On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, we’re delving into the heart of why customer service is a powerful competitive advantage for businesses, learning the best practices of world-class organizations, and understanding...
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CSR Ep131 FBFeatured, The DiJulius Group

131: From Boomers to Zoomers

Ever wondered why some brands like Starbucks continue to be loved generation after generation? Or perhaps you've pondered how the pandemic has forever changed the workforce, particularly for the Gen Z population? John’s son, Cal DiJulius, joins him to unravel the mysteries of Gen Z in the workforce. As we...
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CSR Ep129 FBFeatured, The DiJulius Group

130: Never Lose an Employee Again

Have you ever wondered how remote work is impacting our mental health? Or perhaps you're curious about how to redefine success in our increasingly digital world? This episode of The Customer Service Revolution is for you. We're diving into the challenging realm of loneliness and the effects of remote work...
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CSR Ep129 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

129: Going From One Spa Room to the Fastest-Growing Med Spa in the US

Want to know the secret to growing a business from a humble start in the back of a tanning salon to a nationwide franchise? On today’s episode of The Customer Service Revolution, John’s guest, Joe Stanoszek, founder of the fastest-growing med spa in the country, VioMed Spa, shares his awe-inspiring...
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CSR EP128 Featured, The DiJulius Group

128: Ignite by Possibility

Can you remember the last time you silenced your inner voice?  This episode of The Customer Service Revolution invites you to a fascinating conversation with Bronkar Lee, whose journey from an overweight kid to a high-profile entertainer, performer, and motivational speaker is inspirational. Bronkar's unique blend of music and circus...
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CSR EP127 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

127: 6 Reasons Your Customer Experience Plummets When Your Business Skyrockets – and How to Avoid or Fix It

Just imagine if unchecked growth led your business to a painful downturn, compromising hiring standards, creating culture clashes, and ultimately causing a significant drop in customer service.  That's what happened to Starbucks, and in this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, we learn from their experience, identifying the crucial lessons...
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CSR EP126 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

126: The Employee eXperience Revolution

As we stand on the precipice of a major shift in the workforce landscape, how will your organization adapt to the challenges and opportunities brought about by the Great Resignation? Are you ready to embrace the future of remote working and cultivate a company culture that attracts top-quality recruits and...
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CSR Ep125 FB, The DiJulius Group

125: Learning to Live Life on Your Own Terms

Prepare to be amazed as John ventures alongside the dynamic Anne Mahlum, a prominent American entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and philanthropist with a knack for starting and building businesses that make a real difference. From launching the revolutionary non-profit “Back on My Feet” - a transformative running club for the homeless...
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CSR Ep124 FBFeatured, The DiJulius Group

124: The Ownership Mindset

Who says engineering and entrepreneurship can't mix? In this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, John’s guest, Kerry Siggins, is the dynamic CEO of StoneAge Holding and has successfully bridged the gap between these two seemingly polar worlds. From her engineering background to the helm of a tech company, Kerry...
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CSR Ep123 FB, The DiJulius Group

123: Unleash the Offensive Mindset and Strategy Needed to Unlock the Extraordinary Life

Prepare to harness your potential and rip through barriers that have held you back. Get ready to learn from high-performance coach, speaker, author, and founder of multiple coaching programs, Brett Eaton, as he guides us through his unique strategies that have propelled countless clients toward their greatest achievements. Brett's approach...
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CSR Ep122 FB, The DiJulius Group

122: The Enemy of Great Customer Experience is Inconsistency

Imagine transforming how you handle customer service from a necessary part of the business to a moment that truly matters to the client. Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? In today's episode of The Customer Service Revolution, John welcomes Kevin Sloan, executive vice president of the branch network at KeyBank. You'll discover...
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CSR Ep121 IG, The DiJulius Group

121: Listening to What Your Customers Are Saying

What does it really mean to listen to your customers and harness the power of their voice? In this week’s episode of The Customer Service Revolution, John had the pleasure of discussing this fascinating topic with Leslie Pagel, Chief Evangelist of Authentics. Leslie offers her unique insights into the Voice...
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CSR Ep120 FB, The DiJulius Group

120: The Most Likeable Person I Have Ever Met

What's the secret to building lifelong relationships and turning bad luck into good fortune? Join John as he chats with the incredibly likable Eddie Cheyfitz. Eddie shares his inspiring journey from working in a grocery store to becoming a successful sales executive and eventually founding his nonprofit, Believe in Dreams...
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CSR Ep119 FB, The DiJulius Group

119: State of CX

John recently had the incredible opportunity to chat with Shep Hyken, a true expert in the customer service and experience world and a best-selling author. They discussed the current landscape of customer service and its crucial role in building customer loyalty. Their conversation led them to explore the fascinating statistics...
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CSR Ep118 FB, The DiJulius Group

118: Ship.Shipmate.Self

If you’re paying attention, you can find examples of leadership skills almost anywhere in life. From playing football to working in a corporate environment, good leaders stand out and inspire those around them to follow their lead.  What makes a good leader? What skills do they have that make them...
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CSR Ep117 FB, The DiJulius Group

117: How to Crush the Competition with Service

Customer service is often seen as a “soft skill,” something nice to have but not necessary for a business to run well. It’s an afterthought, and this is especially true for small businesses. When small businesses can learn customer service skills from larger ones, the business owners can see them...
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CSR Ep116 FB 2, The DiJulius Group

116: The Marketing Magnifier

Creating actionable marketing strategies and ideas can make all the difference in getting your business noticed. But not all marketing is created equally, so you have to know what types apply to your particular enterprise. Today, digital marketing is what most people think of when they think about marketing. It...
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CSR Ep115 Fb, The DiJulius Group

115: Tailoring Your Brand Experience to the Female Consumer

You're missing out if your company isn’t creating an experience for its female shoppers. Female shoppers influence 86% of all household spending. Worldwide, they control and influence $43 trillion of spending. Companies often neglect their female demographic, catering to their male shoppers' more utilitarian needs and desires. Making minor adjustments...
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CSR Ep114 Fb, The DiJulius Group

114: How Leaders Can Be Better Storytellers

Capturing an audience's attention can be tricky, particularly in a corporate setting. If you can master the art of storytelling, delivering your message becomes more enjoyable for everyone. If you’re a fan of movies or TV shows, you’ll recognize good storytelling as soon as you hear it. They’re captivating. In...
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CSR Ep113 FBLI, The DiJulius Group

113: Rock the Recession!

Layoffs are all over the news lately, and the word “recession” is everywhere. As a business owner, you may be fielding your employees’ questions about how a recession will affect your business. Smart business owners recognize the need to prepare for a recession before it becomes a reality. Preparing for...
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CSR Ep112 FB 2, The DiJulius Group

112: How a Serial Entrepreneur Inspires Millenials and Gen Z’s

Millennials and Gen Z often get a bad rap, but they may be the best generation to hire. As they’ve watched their parents and grandparents steeped in hustle culture to stay ahead, it’s given them insight into what they don’t want for their own careers. Their mantra seems to be...
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CSR EP111 FB, The DiJulius Group

111: Creating a Customer Service Revolution

Creating a customer service revolution doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s actually pretty simple. It requires effort and a willingness to view your company and employees from the customer’s perspective. The number-one thing to remember about customer service excellence is that you’re in the customer perception business. It doesn’t matter...
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CSR EP110 Fb, The DiJulius Group

110: REPLAY: What it takes to be a Revolutionary

Chief Revolution Officer and best-selling author John DiJulius shares What it takes to be a Revolutionary.  In order to be a Revolutionary, you need to: Never say or accept “I gave my best”  Understand the Reality Distortion Field Ask yourself ‘What belief system needs to be changed in your world’?...
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CSR Ep109 FB Featureb, The DiJulius Group

109: Customer eXperience Executive Panel

According to Forbes, the CXE, or Customer eXperience Executive, is one of the fastest-growing roles. The DiJulius Group even offers a 12-month master’s course in customer experience called Customer eXperience Executive Academy. Its graduates have many success stories but have been through some of the same challenges and roadblocks your...
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CSR Ep108 FB Feature 2, The DiJulius Group

108: Building a World-Class Internal Culture

We often don’t consider that the internal culture directly inside our organizations impacts our external culture. Building teams that work together allows us to focus on the customer. Departments operating in silos, poor internal handoffs, and miscommunication are all employee dissatisfiers and negatively impact customers. Some of the same tools...
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CSR Ep107 FB Feature, The DiJulius Group

Episode107: Complaints 101

Complaints to any organization are a gift, especially today since consumers have so many options. Are your teams handling these important interactions consistently well? Are you tracking the issues and outcomes to monitor trends and bigger issues? Many organizations have implemented acronyms to help frontline workers deal with conflict when...
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CSR Ep106 FB Feature, The DiJulius Group

106: World Class Leadership – Coaching Culture

We all have different answers to the question, “What is company culture?” Some say it’s values. Others say it’s purpose. However you decide to define it, company culture is the group’s collective personality, encompassing their behavior, knowledge, beliefs, and habits. Great coaches motivate teams and maximize their performance - both...
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CSR Ep105 FB Feature, The DiJulius Group

105: What I Wish My Parents Knew

On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, Chief Revolution Officer John DiJulius of The DiJulius Group talks with Jason Reid. Jason is a serial entrepreneur, author, ironman athlete, and, most of all, a great family man. In 2018, life couldn’t get much better until he and his wife received...
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CSR Ep104 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

104: How To Turn the Great Resignation Into The Great Retention

Many factors have contributed to The Great Resignation that we are currently in. We could point the finger at economic turmoil, bad leadership, a changing culture, and so much more.  However, what is most important is figuring out how to turn this Great Resignation around. How can we turn it...
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CSR Ep103 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

103: The State of Customer Experience

We have been in a customer service recession since the start of the pandemic. The American Customer Satisfaction Index, which measured every industry this year, noted that we hit a 17-year low in customer satisfaction. Things have not been pretty in the world of customer experience. In this episode, we’re...
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CSR Ep102 FB Feature, The DiJulius Group

102: A Time to Win

Today on The Customer Service Revolution, John talks with customer experience and digital marketing pioneer, Jay Baer. Jay has spent nearly 30 years helping the world's most iconic brands gain and keep more customers. This work has caused him to be inducted into the Hall of Fame of professional speakers...
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CSR Ep101 FB Feature, The DiJulius Group

101: The Generational Guru

In this episode, John welcomes best-selling author and generational guru Mark Perna. Mark is the founder and CEO of TFS Results, a strategic consulting firm. He also serves on the Advisory Council for the Coalition for Career Development in Washington, DC.  Through his company, Mark is leading the national paradigm...
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CSR Ep100 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

100: Double Sales with Zero Salespeople

In this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, John DiJulius is talking with Andy Buyting, the founder and CEO of Tulip Media Group. Andy is also a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, and strategic advisor. On top of all of this, Andy is the creative mind behind the integrated business strategy...
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CSR Ep099 FBFeature, The DiJulius Group

099: Meet as Strangers, Leave as Friends

There is no greater skill that can be acquired that has a bigger impact on our personal and professional lives than the ability to build instant rapport with others. This is not a skill we’re taught and yet it’s crucial, not only for our professional success but for our personal...
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CSR Ep098 FB Feature

098: Boundless with Andy Bailey

Andy Bailey is a best-selling author and business coach. He started his first business in college and grew it to be an INC 500 multi-million dollar company. Through this experience, he learned how to build great organizations.  Most recently, Andy founded the company Petra. He spends his time coaching and...
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