How to Solve the Work from Home Quandary

December 06, 2021 | By:

One of the biggest business impacts resulting from the pandemic is the work from home (WFH) quandary. Why is it a quandary, because make no mistake about it, it is here to stay. The sooner businesses and its leaders realize this, the sooner they can pivot and find long-term solutions that can reduce the negative… Read Full Article

Google Experiment Goes Wrong; Confirms Need for Leadership Training

November 30, 2021 | By:

When Google launched “Project Oxygen” years ago, they had a theory. The belief was that their large layer of middle managers (like most organizations have) was slowing them down. They believed that middle managers created a bureaucracy within the organization that literally got in the way of production. What they found was something completely opposite,… Read Full Article

Find out how Good Your Company’s Customer Experience Really is in Less Than 14 Minutes

November 15, 2021 | By:

  Mastering all the critical elements of building a world-class customer experience (CX) can be overwhelming and can feel like trial and error. Instead of guessing where your customer experience needs improvement, we can help you pinpoint exactly what’s holding it back and get a detailed plan of how to fix it.  That’s why The… Read Full Article

6 Ways to Remove Employee Roulette from your Brand’s Customer Experience

November 08, 2021 | By:

Is the level of experience your customers receive is dependent on which employee they encounter? Are there certain employees on your team you hope your best clients interact with? If so, then you have what is known as employee roulette. Employee roulette is a problem most organizations have. There is good news: You can significantly… Read Full Article

The Customer Experience Olympics: How to Gamify Your Certification Process

November 04, 2021 | By:

Whether you’re launching a new customer experience strategy or you need to revisit and reinvigorate some of your existing customer service training, it is vital to add a customer service certification component.  You can do this effectively by applying some gamification elements. These will not only dramatically increase the retention of your customer service training… Read Full Article