The Millennial Crisis: 22% Have No Friends

August 14, 2019 | By:

The Touch-Screen Age Today we are all living in the “Touch-Screen Age.” This includes baby boomers as well as millennial’s, for although many think of the younger generation as being the most tech savvy, virtually no one has been left out. Members of every age group now use smartphones, social media, iPads, and computers. These… Read Full Article

How To Build Stronger Relationships With Your Employees Virtually

August 07, 2019 | By:

How To Build Stronger Relationships With Your Employees Virtually  Building relationships as a virtual team is not easy. Having employee huddles that are engaging is not easy. Watch how one company figured out how to accomplish both, consistently fostering relationships through virtual huddles.   CEO Gives Employees $2,000 To Go On Vacation  Mark Douglas, CEO… Read Full Article

Is “Good” Good Enough?

July 31, 2019 | By:

This guest article is brought to you by Mark Moses, speaker at the 2019 Customer Service Revolution. In business, “good” is a four-letter word. Settling for “good enough” when you’re trying to grow a business is just that: settling. Complacent CEOs are just setting themselves up to get passed by competitors who aren’t settling, who ARE thinking BIG…. Read Full Article

3 Companies Making Price Irrelevant

July 31, 2019 | By:

Don’t compete in price wars, compete in experience wars Here are three examples of companies continuing to Make Price Irrelevant by focusing on the experience.  The Apple Store No iPhone launch, no new product launch, just a typical day in an Apple store.   Starbucks This is a line at Starbucks, located inside a hotel,… Read Full Article

How Easy are You to do Business With?

July 24, 2019 | By:

Today there are more options than ever before, which can make being a customer difficult and exhausting. Companies not only need to meet and exceed customer expectations with the services and products they offer, they need to make it easy to be a customer. As I am planning my wedding, I now realize how important… Read Full Article