Talking Less, Listening More: Can You Keep Quiet For Longer Than 18 Seconds?

January 30, 2023 | By: John DiJulius

I am so passionate about what I do and share with my clients how to build a world-class experience (customer & employee) brand. However, that passion tends to be a major problem for me when it takes over and I just start dominating the conversations. So, when I’m on Zoom calls, I literally had to… Read Full Article

Customer Service and More Fees Lead To Government Intervention And A New Definition Of Wealth

January 24, 2023 | By: John DiJulius

We read about it every day. Companies are charging customers hidden fees. One company eliminates their customer service, another starts charging patients for messages in amounts that would make most consumers say “Ouch” not to mention “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” Unfortunately, this trend is affecting a wide variety of businesses across industries. Frontier Airlines… Read Full Article

Top 3 Customer Service Horror Stories Of 2022 And How To Offer Better Customer Experiences In 2023

January 15, 2023 | By: John DiJulius

Poor customer service knows no boundaries and happens across all industries. And in this technological age, bad CX stories abound online with customers eager to vent about their worst customer service experiences so that potential customers can make informed decisions. The following three less-than-happy customers shared their customer service horror stories of 2022: 1 …. Read Full Article

Secret Service Turns 20! And The DiJulius Group Is Born, With Superior Customer Service As The Single Biggest Competitive Advantage

January 10, 2023 | By: John DiJulius

On January 15th, 2003, my first book, Secret Service: Hidden Systems That Deliver Unforgettable Customer Service, came out. Secret Service detailed how we had built John Robert’s Spa, known locally in Northeast Ohio, into a brand with superior customer service as the single biggest competitive advantage. JR Spa’s rapid growth was getting a lot of… Read Full Article

The Best Customer & Employee Experience Content of 2022

January 03, 2023 | By: John DiJulius

The results are in! The DiJulius Group’s top customer service blogs, podcasts, and videos from 2022 are listed below. I recommend sharing this with your entire team. Our Top Blogs from 2022 A Leadership Epiphany on Workplace Culture Where Have All the Workers Gone, and How Can I Attract and Keep Them? 6 Reasons Your… Read Full Article