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The DiJulius Group and The Secret Service Summit have helped Starbucks take service to new levels by not only creating a Service Vision but also by helping us adhere to a common goal. The combination of hands-on expertise shared by leading brand executives and the emotional component from motivational speakers, has made your events like none other.

Craig Russel, Executive Vice President

Starbucks Coffee

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John relates an amazing amount of practical real world examples that can be applied in your efforts to launch a customer service revolution in your business as I have in my direct work with John.

Michael Coburn, Head of Customer Facing Supply Chain & Customer Service


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Our net promoter scores are improving, our franchise owners are delivering a better experience and our employees are happier. Customer service is an elixir for your entire network and The DiJulius Group delivers!

Chuck Runyon, CEO and Co-Founder

Anytime Fitness

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The DiJulius Group and John reinforce one of our Core Values of providing Veteran families World-Class Customer Service. They provide a unique and different opportunity that is focused on the strategy of what it means to provide a Best-in-Class experience for our customers.

Rob Posner, CEO

NewDay USA

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Great energy, insightful analogies, on point topic and relevance. I wish we could have more time with him.

Manuel Deisen, General Manager

The Ritz-Carlton

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I like that John uses many resources to drive his key ideas home (videos, stories, other companies). It creates variety, keeps the learner engaged and shows he has done the work. John does a phenomenal job delivering and sharing his passion for customer service and that’s why I keep bringing him back.

Marlo Boyle, Senior Education Planner


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How well he engaged the audience and how easy it was for them to follow. Thank you, thank you thank you to John for sharing his wisdom and experience with the audience.

Tom Petrillo, Principal

The Salon People

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I love the way john involved the audience and the videos. John never fails to deliver an invigorating message and engage the audience. Even at 7:30 am on a Saturday morning!

Laura Rousseau, Senior Practice Development Specialist

Bausch + Lomb

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The clarity of John`s brilliant message about customer service and his excellent presentation style.

Dick Borgman, Former CEO

Les Schwab

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John was energetic and connected with our audience. Real life, practical ideas were delivered. John nailed it and made me look great!!! Thanks for everything DiJulius team.

Gordon McCance, Executive Vice President of Marketing

MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.

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John’s energy was amazing. The interactions with the group and with our associates. The content was exactly what we needed. The shared learning from Zappos call was BRILLIANT! Very engaging. Loved It! It was everything our hotel needed to inspire our associates and refresh what it means to take care of a guest and exceed their expectations. The examples used, including FORD, were very relevant. U R the Experience, just a reminder of my role with my associates and our guests. Brilliant speaker, great energy!

Bernadette SaintVil, Director of Human Resources

West Palm Beach Marriott

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The DiJulius Group helped our team build non-neogitatiable service systems which consistently create a WOW experience for our customers.

Jeff Rosen, Executive Vice President

U.S. Bank

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The DiJulius Group showed us the key to maintaining a high retention rate year after year.

Melissa Gottlieb, Director of Sales

Smart Business Magazine

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Thank you so much for another amazing customer service revolution! The speakers were absolutely phenomenal this year (again!), including the breakout speakers. So many takeaways for both the business, as well as persona. I loved the addition of Neen James as the emcee this year! She really tied everything together so well. Our team appreciated being given the opportunity to attend and see your team in action “walk the talk”. We are looking forward to another great year with TDG!

Katie Osborn, Vice President of Marketing

Alpin Haus

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We have no doubt we selected the right consultants to help us focus and make these big changes. Thanks for being an example of the service mindset that we can all follow.

Brian Aust, Chief Strategy Officer

Profile by Sanford

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“Every day, consumers are telling us what’s important to them: convenience, service, attention, empathy. Even in a digital age, personal relationships are critical to building trust and loyalty. This well-researched book will provide the inspiration to not simply connect with your customers but also to build real human connections.”

Rich Kramer, Chairman, CEO

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company


If true customer and employee loyalty is what you are looking for, The Relationship Economy will help you and your team build a gen- uine human connection and improve the impact this connection has on brand experience in the digital age.

Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President and CEO

Celebrity Cruises


I believe each of us can be classified as either a giver or a taker. John DiJulius’ latest is a must-read; it blares out to all leaders the importance of human interconnectivity at all levels within the organization. Human connectivity creates understanding, which in turn develops empathy, respect, trust, and thriving, growing relationships among leaders, employees, and customers.

Rear Admiral Tom Lynch, United States Navy, (ret.) Chairman

NewDay USA

DiJulius’s commitment to ‘changing the world’ comes at a time in business history when it is desperately needed. Advancements in technology and efficiency, coupled with an expanding global economy, have led to an unparalleled competitive landscape. Ultimately, service is the only differentiator. The Customer Service Revolution is a straightforward blueprint for building sustainable advantage in any industry and is a must-read for anyone looking to build world-class experiences.

Derek Kaivani, Director of PwC Experience


John takes customer service from thought to action—truly a difference maker for all!

David Mortensen, President and Cofounder

Anytime Fitness Worldwide