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CX Executive Academy Online

Comprehensive Virtual Certification For Executives

The Customer eXperience Executive (CXE) Academy’s e-learning course outline has been designed to prepare leaders like you, from around the world, for a new level of leadership, to the benefit of both your career and your organization. This course enables you to assess the current state of service in an organization and work to build a culture within that delivers world-class experiences, consistently.

The CXE Academy Online provides comprehensive training and certification on all facets and responsibilities that fall under the Customer experience. As a student of The CXE Academy Online you will develop your ability to design and implement significant business change that impacts the customer service delivered by your organization.

The series of classes developed for this offering follow the trademarked X Commandments methodology created by John DiJulius and The DiJulius Group. As a participant, you will learn the importance of each aspect of this methodology, and how to implement, execute, and train on each one.

You will start your e-learning with two preparatory courses, The State of Service and Beginning the CXE Journey.  These will be followed by the courses listed below.

Your Customer eXperience Executive Academy online e-learning program will conclude with a course on training and a final exam to achieve your certification.

This course includes slides and video that will instruct you on how to create, launch and implement a Service Vision unique to your organization.  You will be guided to develop this through a series of exercises, activities and planning.

A Service Vision is the true underlying value of what your organization brings to its Customers that provides a meaningful purpose for your team members.

The series of videos in this offering will instruct you how to:

  • determine the phrase that makes your service/product “priceless”.
  • script a “Day in the Life of your Customer” using two essentials that will create empathy and compassion in your employees.
  • craft a Service Vision statement that is unique to your company, pertains to each team member, regardless of their role or department. Plus: the four key pieces necessary to make your statement meaningful!
  • develop Three Pillars that will teach your team how to deliver on your Service Vision.
  • create a Never and Always list that will change your culture. Your team will understand what it expected of them, and your customer will receive a consistent experience.
  • use the five E’s for hiring and training.

You will also learn best practices from world-class companies to launch and market your Service Vision to your team, keeping it essential in your culture.

This course will lead you through creating a blueprint to guide existing managers and future leaders on how to create a world-class internal culture, a culture that has extremely high morale and emotional employee capital.

What is your Employee Service Vision – exactly like your company’s service vision, what are the long term benefits of being employed by your organization that employees would not realize elsewhere.

What are your Non-Negotiable standards that every prospective employee must meet?  These standards can help not only to ensure you’ll hire the right candidate, they will also help deter wrong fit employees from employment with your organization and ruining the culture.

The Employee Experience Model (TEEM) will teach you to create a blueprint to guide existing managers and future leaders on how to create a world-class internal culture, a culture that has extremely high morale and emotional employee capital. TEEM isolates each stage of an employee’s career and creates standards that address the dynamics of each, from recruitment to 10+ years.

In this course you will learn:

  • where engagement scores are the highest, and the lowest.
  • how to use the ‘engagement indicator’.
  • how to create your hiring non-negotiables.
  • when Psychologists have shown that people are particularly susceptible to adopting new roles, goals & values.
  • what motivates your employees most.
  • what are the characteristics of a bad boss, and how to avoid them.

This course instructs the learner on utilizing Customer Intelligence to personalize their customer’s experience, engage and anticipate their needs.

Secret Service is a strategy that businesses use today to both differentiate and distance themselves from their competitors.

Creating Secret Service systems allows front-line employees to engage and interact with Customers enabling them to personalize the Customer’s experience by anticipating and delivering on their needs.

Having great standards are not enough, however.  You now need to systemize those standards in order for them to be realistically delivered on a consistent basis.


As a result of providing Secret Service, companies:

  • create stronger relationships with their Customers.
  • build emotional capital and brand equity with their Customers.
  • turn their Customers into brand evangelists.
  • and make price less relevant to their customers.

In this course, you will learn:

  • the four criteria Secret Service systems must meet.
  • the difference between customer experience and customer service.
  • how to have customers asking “How’d they do that?” “How’d they know that?”
  • the four areas of an experiential audit.
  • what the five Es are and why you need to use them.
  • how to turn an interaction into an experience.
  • how to master the “norm factor”.
  • how to use silent cues and visual triggers to identify new, existing and VIP customers.
  • what the FORD analogy is and why it is so powerful to owning relationships with your customers.
  • how to differentiate between operational and experiential standards.

This course addresses anticipating your Service Defects and having protocols in place to make it right.

Zero risk addresses an intimidating array of issues that can produce unhappy Customers: service defects, lack of concern about the Customer’s experience, and incidents or emergencies that aren’t your fault.

What does zero risk look like? As a Customer, you have a sense of security when you deal with a company that if something goes wrong, they will make it right. Thus, that business is zero risk to deal with.

Zero risk is essential in order to create a Wow! experience and make the Customer yours for life. If and when you become zero risk, you will indeed be in very exclusive company.

In this course, you will learn:

  • the two keys that being Zero Risk means for an organization.
  • the most trusted source for making business decisions.
  • how to identify and eliminate negative cues in your business.
  • how to find where you drop the ball the most, and how to implement systems and processes to prevent this.
  • how to create service recovery tools for customer challenges that arise.
  • the importance of feedback.
  • what overused word you should audit to improve both the employee and customer experience.

This course visits the constant awareness and branding of how to be a hero.  World-class service organizations create an awareness of the most common opportunities that employees can really deliver heroic service for the Customer, which creates an above and beyond culture.

Are your employees empowered and inspired to exceed Customer expectations?  Do you have mechanisms in place to collect and re-distribute above and beyond stories to constantly remind your employees of the Service Vision?

Many times, when a Customer complains about the price, it isn’t because they are cheap or not willing to pay it, it is because the experience didn’t warrant it.

In this course you will learn:

  • the characteristics of world-class companies.
  • 5 steps to creating an above and beyond culture.
  • 3 types of above and beyond actions.
  • how to empower your employees to go above and beyond.
  • the 6 ways to advertise above and beyond stories in your company to encourage more of them.
  • the importance of storytelling and how to create your legacy.

This course was created to ensure leaders are walking the talk.  Every world-class Customer service organization is world-class to work for. And that takes world-class leadership to provide the passion, inspiration, and discipline to all employees.

The final commandment to providing a world-class Customer experience is Commandment X: World-Class Leadership.

Do you like the culture of your organization and your department? Are you proud of it, or is it lacking?

Do you wish you could change many of your employees attitudes? If you don’t like your culture, look in the mirror, because every time, in every organization, culture reflects leadership.  The culture of your organization or department is a direct result of how good you are as a leader.

Great leaders create great cultures. You don’t need to take a survey, do any studies, or even see any turnover reports; a culture is something you feel when you walk into a work environment.  There is either a buzz about the place, where everyone understands the organization’s purpose and their role in achieving that purpose or you may feel a fog, a thickness in the air, a place where people are trading hours for dollars. How strong is your culture?

Remember: Culture reflects Leadership!

In this course, you will learn:

  • what world class leaders have in common.
  • who the most important person to motivate is.
  • what you must never be satisfied with.
  • how to create a personal purpose statement, and your three key personal and professional drivers.
  • how to complete the ‘potential’ exercise.


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