Case Study



Carter Mario Law Firm, specializing in personal injury, has six locations throughout Connecticut.

When Carter Mario started tracking the source of incoming calls, (the backbone of their business) in 2006 roughly 30% of their calls came from word of mouth/referral sources and the approximately 70%, came from paid advertising.


The DiJulius Group collaborated with Carter Mario to:

  1. Create a day in the life of a customer, service vision, pillars, nevers and always
  2. Systemize the Customer Experience delivered by employees to allow consistency at all levels of their locations
  3. Journey Map to create Experiential Standards for each Customer touchpoint


Carter Mario Law Firm, specializing in personal injury, has six locations throughout Connecticut. Carter Mario, CEO and president, a person who is passionate about service, chose to make the client experience the law firm’s strongest competitive advantage.

For instance, the firm guarantees to return a client’s call the same day or lunch is on Carter Mario himself. Carter Mario instituted a procedure for capturing information about each client in a format that allows everyone access.

The firm was able to customize its customer management software, which is made for attorneys, by adding a “Secret Service” tab. This tab contains vital Customer intelligence, such as preferred refreshment, client’s eye color, birth date, spouse and other family members’ names, children’s ages, hobbies, past vacations, even pets’ names.

Carter Mario has a short list of “non-negotiable” standards. Here are some examples:

  • They are available 24/7, live, never an answering machine.
  • All clients get a call back the same day, or lunch is on Carter.
  • At 8:45 a.m. every day, they conduct a “morning huddle” to communicate with the staff about the priorities of the day as well to share “Customer intelligence” on any clients who are visiting the office that day.
  • Front desk is never left unattended.
  • Any staff member to come within five feet of a client is to smile, look the client in the eye, and say hello.
  • Clients are offered Carter Mario umbrellas during poor weather.

By the graph, you can see the positive growth of the law firm’s word of mouth calls, (2006-2012) and last year they eclipsed 60%!

Cm 1024x562, The DiJulius Group

“A world-class hospitality law firm – What changed or what was the driving force behind this movement? “While we thought we were client centric, we realized we were relative to injury attorneys, which means we were the best of a lousy group,” says Carter Mario. “In 2007 our entire organization including receptionists, in-take specialists, administrative positions, and attorneys, became obsessed with being a world-class customer service company, benchmarked against anyone in any other industry.” That they did! Carter Mario Law Firms are well known for their customer service and the company won the Secret Service System Award, presented to only one amazing customer service organization per year at the Customer Service Revolution conference.“