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Contact us today to find out how we’re helping companies across the country build their experience while working remote

Why is an investment in Employee Experience necessary?

  • Every $1 invested in Employee Experience yields a $3 return
  • An Employee Experience leader will outgrow revenues of laggards in their industry by double and even triple digit percentages
  • Employee experience training increases motivation and engagement resulting in better productivity and revenue.

Adversely, research has shown not investing in your employee experience will destroy the financial results of a company.

  • More than 50% will stop buying from you if they have a bad experience
  • If your company is not focusing on an improved experience already, the gap between you and your competitor who has, will increase and compound daily
  • Unhappy employees increase the turnover that cost businesses a lot of money
  • 82% of people have stopped doing business with a company due to bad service


We employ the proven X Commandment methodology used in such prestigious brands as The Ritz-Carlton, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and Nordstrom to systematize hospitality. This renowned methodology, created by John DiJulius, is responsible for creating and sustaining world-class service in organizations globally.

About The X Commandment Methodology
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Schedule A Complimentary Call

Schedule a complimentary call with one of our advisors today. We love to talk service and would be happy to make customized recommendations based on your current needs and resources.

At The DiJulius Group. we also strive to deliver the best experience to our clients. This means we limit the number of clients our teams work with simultaneously; ensuring you receive the expertise, attention and resources you deserve. The result of this is, that on occasion, as a new inquiry you may not be able to schedule a consulting project in immediate fashion. You may be asked to hold your project for the best team we have aligned, for your needs, to become available.

To speak with a consultant, check our calendar to schedule a call.

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Virtual Consulting Available

At The DiJulius Group, we know that you want to improve employee experience within the organization. We believe just because you’re not physically together, doesn’t mean you can’t learn, train and be inspired together.

We understand that the tools needed to present and engage in a virtual setting require a special skillset, and most companies don’t have resources to devote to that.  Our virtual studio and team of professionals, trained to deliver memorable virtual experiences, means you save time and money.

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Our Consultants

John DiJulius

Chief Revolution Officer, President

Dave Murray

VP of Consulting

Nicole Paul DiGiulio

Customer Experience Consultant

Brad Dick

Customer Experience Consultant

Cal DiJulius

Customer Experience Consultant

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