Creating an Onboarding Experience

“As leaders we are in the human development business.”

Few things in life are as exciting (and nerve wracking) as starting a new job. However, your first few days are consumed with reviewing policies and procedures from an employee handbook, which should really be called the “How not to get fired” handbook.

Onboarding should be about how to have an incredible career at an incredible company—a celebration of a great employee joining a remarkable culture that together will do incredible things. According to Gallup, 88 percent of employees are dis- appointed in their new organization’s onboarding.

– When you hire someone, that is when you go to work for them.
– The Employee Experience Is Won and Lost in the Transitions
– Start Onboarding Before the New Hire Begins
– Best practices for an amazing New Employee Orientation
– First 90 Days Are Vital to an Employee’s Career

Onboard X, The DiJulius Group

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