John DiJulius Live Keynote Presentation The Relationship Economy

John DiJulius LIVE Keynote Presentation – The Relationship Economy


Now you can watch John’s newest keynote presentation which is based on his new book, The Relationship Economy, Building Stronger Customer Connections In The Digital Age.

Today we are living in the “digital disruption era.” Technology is changing the world. For all the benefits it is bringing to businesses, it is coming at a significant cost. The cost is weaker human relationships that are vital to customer experiences, employee experiences, and happiness. Focusing strictly on a digital experience will eliminate customer loyalty and emotional connection to a brand. As a society we are now relationship disadvantaged.

Those who understand that human touch is the most important part of any experience—especially a great customer experience—will flourish. Personally and professionally, success is about creating and building human connections.

Make no mistake about it – The lack of social skills our society has is the problem of businesses leaders to solve.

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Watch John DiJulius’ LIVE Keynote Presentation about The Relationship Economy.