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Building Stronger Connections In The Digital Age

Welcome to The Relationship Economy!

John DiJulius’ new book, his best work, The Relationship Economy, Building Stronger Customer Connections In The Digital Age. This book could not be timelier in the world we are living in.  

Today’s illiterate are those who have an inability 

to truly make a deep connection with others.

Today we are living in the “digital disruption era.” Technology has provided us with unprecedented advances, information, knowledge, instant access, and entertainment. As convenient as technological advances make our lives, they also have changed the way we communicate, behave, and think and have led to a dramatic decline in our people skills. As a society we are now relationship disadvantaged. 

The pendulum has swung over to high tech and low touch. As a result we long for a sense of community, belonging, and purpose, a world in which people actually know our name, what we do, what is important to us, and have trust in one another. Those who understand that human touch is the most important part of any experience—especially a great customer experience—will flourish. Personally and professionally, success is about creating and building human connections. 

Technological advancements are critical to every business staying relevant. However, technology by itself is not a differentiator. The more you place technology between the company and the customer, the more you remove the human experience. For anyone and any business to thrive in the future, they will have to master the art of relationship building. Since technological advancements have come at the expense of human connections, organizations now need to reinvent their business model to marry digital and human experiences in the best way possible.

What Is the Relationship Economy?

In a Relationship Economy the primary currency is the connections and trust among customers, employees, and vendors that create significantly more value in what we sell. These relationships and connections help make price irrelevant. 

The Relationship Economy is about building a culture that recognizes the importance of each individual and of making everyone a part of a community that is working toward something bigger—a community that makes them feel cared for.

The Relationship Economy is how strongly you feel about the people and businesses in your life. Relationships are the biggest differentiator in customer and brand loyalty. Relationships are at the center of all we do.

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Creating Authentic Customer Connections in a High-Tech World

In The Relationship Economy, author John DiJulius teaches business leaders about the importance of relationship building in the digital age. He argues that in spite of (and because of) the advances in tech, we’ve become a less connected society. We have dramatically evolved away from face-to-face communication, and the skill of building rapport is evaporating.

This means that customer personalization and relationships are more important now than ever–and they will be the key to success for businesses moving forward.

As he aptly states, ”Being able to build true sustainable relationships is the biggest competitive advantage in a world where automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are eliminating the human experience, which is what creates the emotional connections that build true customer loyalty.’

This book reminds readers of the importance of personal connections and shows them how to attain meaningful, lasting relationships with their customers. Listen to the audiobook on Audible!

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