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Increase Morale, Retain Your Workforce, and Drive Business Growth

For the last decade, The DiJulius Group has offered The Customer Experience Executive Academy (CXEA), which is considered the Harvard of Customer Experience. The CXEA has graduated well over 100 Certified Customer Experience Executives from all over the world.

As a result of their newest book, The Employee Experience Revolution, and the incredibly high demand leaders, human resource, and recruiters in corporate America need to build a World- Class Internal Culture, The DiJulius Group has launched the Employee Experience Executive Academy.

As leaders, we need to do better. Employees deserve better. The “Great Resignation”, “Quiet Quitting”, and “Cancel Culture” are not indictments on employees, but rather, business leaders’ lack of focus on truly caring for the people who are under their command. Today, employees are more selective than ever regarding who they will work for; they are insisting that companies and their leaders help them live the right life. That is how you build a World-Class Culture.

Great companies help people live extraordinary lives.
Their leaders inspire employees to build lives of meaning and purpose.

You will learn:

  • Unhappy employees are a company’s greatest expense
  • Building & developing great leaders
  • Creating a Recruitment Experience
  • Creating an Onboarding Experience
  • How to build a moat around your top talent 6. Leaving a Leadership Legacy
  • Power of Purpose
  • Presentation skills and storytelling
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The EXE course outline has been designed to prepare leaders like you, from around the world, for a new level of leadership, to the benefit of both your employees and your organization. This course enables you to assess the current state of culture within your organization and work to build an environment that delivers world-class Xperiences consistently.

The curriculum will consist of:

  • Creating a Recruitment Experience
    • A hands-on interactive workshop where you’ll learn how the best brands create a fantastic recruitment experience that helps attract top talent.
  • Creating an Onboarding Experience
    • A hands-on interactive workshop where you’ll learn how the best brands create an incredible onboarding experience for their new hires to help them be excited about their career and set themselves up for success.
  • Creating an Employee Experience that Retains Them
    • A hands-on interactive workshop where you’ll learn how the best brands create an ongoing employee experience that helps employee morale and retains your top talent.
  • Tearing down Silos by Building Collaboration across Departments
    • A hands-on interactive workshop where we’ll learn how the best brands create an internal horizontal cross department experience. Help departments understand how the impact they do affects other internal departments and ultimately the customer experience.
  • Presentation Skills/Storytelling
    • A hands-on interactive workshop where you’ll learn how to be a strong presenter and storyteller, that helps you share your vision and galvanize your employees to achieve that vision.
  • Building and Developing Great Leaders
    • A hands-on interactive workshop on how to find, select, and build great leaders within your organization to be the next generation that will lead your organization to reach its fullest potential
  • Living an Extraordinary Life
    • A hands-on interactive workshop to establish balance and ascertain that we as leaders are walking the talk, leaving a leadership legacy, and leaving a personal legacy.
  • Implementation and Execution

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 Next Session Dates:

Fall Session September 24, 25, 26

Winter Session December 10, 11, 12

Spring Session March 11, 12, 13 (2025)

Summer Session June 10, 11, 12 (2025)


$ 15,000


In Class Sessions in Cleveland, Ohio

The Employee Experience Revolution Webinar hosted by Dave Murray


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