September 10th, 2019

The Relationship Center

Do You Have a Call Center, or a Relationship Center?

The process outlined promotes autonomy and a strong sense of ownership within your team while being a great team-building exercise as well. Creating your CEC, and then re-enforcing it on a daily basis, will give your team a renewed sense of purpose and help turn them into true relationship builders. Thanks to the huddles, this will not wear-off over time, but rather transform your culture into one where Above & Beyond is the norm.

Here is your opportunity to turn your call center into a Relationship Center!

Now enrolling for the 2019 session on September 10th, 2019 in Cleveland, OH!

Who should attend this class?

Anyone who has a contact center in their organization – you could be the CEO, CXO, Communications VP, Call Center Director, Call Center Manager, or even a newly promoted supervisor. If you rely on a call center to communicate with your customers, you need this class.

What will I learn?

Why your contact center team should truly be viewed as organizational advocates as opposed to just employees (and treated as such). How to identify the negative cues your teams are unknowingly delivering to your customers everyday. How to identify opportunities to create standards to help you gain consistency at every interaction. Finally, how to build a leadership within your service culture helping to maintain consistency and momentum.

How will the company benefit from me attending?

Your organization will become more consistent and improve customer satisfaction scores, customer loyalty, and drive revenue with a team of organizational advocates that are actively advocating for your customers in every interaction.


 September 10th, 2019


$ 750 or $650 with the purchase of a Customer Service Revolution ticket



Cleveland Convention Center

Lodging: Hilton Cleveland Downtown

Coffee/Beverages, and Lunch are included


STEP #1: How to get your team together to create your Customer Experience Cycle, or CEC.

Creating your CEC is basically mapping your customer’s touch points with your team.  Once you have identified what these touch points are, you then dissect each one, looking for what can and does go wrong (Service Defects), what we need to do on each and every call (our operational and experiential standards), and ways we can surprise and delight our customers (Above & Beyond opportunities).  

Going through this workshop with your front-line team is truly an eye-opening experience, for both you and your team.  A renewed sense of purpose begins to grow as excitement builds. Your team becomes re-energized to do their job – and to do it well.

While this is a great start to the process, it is just that – the start.  You cannot expect the momentum you have just created to be maintained without consistent re-enforcement.  This is where the second piece comes in.

STEP #2. Becoming Zero Risk.  

Working with your team to identify the questions and scenarios that cause difficulty and/or confusion – so that all members of your team are better prepared to handle each occurrence.

STEP #3 – Culture!  

Once we have new content created, we need to ensure that leaders (trainers, team leads, supervisors, managers, whomever is overseeing others) has a deep understanding of the new culture we are creating, as well as (and most importantly) their role cultivating this culture.

STEP #4– daily huddles.  

While beginning a daily huddle routine can seem extremely daunting in the beginning (multiple shifts, phone coverage, days off, etc.) think about the gold standard of service: The Ritz Carlton.  

They hold a huddle, or in their world, a Stand-up, each and every day. So does Chick-fil-A. Each company has gotten past the fact that not everyone will be present each and every day. They have gotten past the fact that they have multiple shift starting times throughout the day.  

What they have done is used this platform to consistently focus on their service values, discuss things that went wrong (and how to fix them), and celebrate success stories – every day. You will learn the true value of huddles, and why short-term pain of creation is well worth it once you achieve a cadence.

Here is your opportunity to turn your call center into a Relationship Center!

Admittance to the workshop and all course materials

Coffee and beverages available all day, with a lunch provided

The closest airport is Cleveland International Airport, airport code CLE, which provides direct flights to and from many major cities in the world.

The event venue is 20 minutes away from Cleveland Airport. There are many transportation options available including Lyft, Uber, and Taxis.

Rail transportation is available from the airport to the downtown area. The downtown area also has a free trolley service as well as two bus lines. Driving to Cleveland is also easy with four major interstates serving the city.

September in Cleveland is typically cool/warm with temperatures ranging from 60-75F.