Turn Angry Customers into Brand Evangelists with Nicole Paul

Nicole Paul will share the secrets that the best customer experience companies use to turn disappointed customers into brand evangelists. One of the key characteristics of the top customer experience brands in the world is that they are ‘Zero Risk’ to do business with. A Zero Risk business isn’t one that never makes mistakes; every excellent customer service company drops the ball from time to time.

The secret to what makes these top brands Zero Risk lies in their customer service training; specifically, how well they have trained their employees to make it right when things do go wrong. In other words, Zero Risk means peace of mind for the customer.

Topics covered in this webinar:

• Develop an awareness of negative cues
• Explore service recovery process examples
• Learn to empower employees with autonomy
• Ways to prevent angering your customers before they even interact with your team members
• How to make employees less afraid to handle customer issues
• How to handle situations that typically result in angry customers

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