Case Study

Alpin Haus Maintains High Approval Ratings Through Period of High Demand, Product Availability Issues, and Staffing Challenges


Alpin Haus was looking to create a consistent experience for both their internal and external Customers regardless of the department or location they work or shop in. As Alpin Haus experienced growth in a number of their locations, product lines, and employees, there were no established processes, procedures, or training to focus on, maintain, and improve the Customer experience. Alpin Haus was looking to create a playbook that could be easily followed company-wide to create a world class Customer experience for internal and external Customers.


The DiJulius Group held a series of workshops at Alpin Haus to teach the X-Commandment methodology.  Management and front-line employees from each location and department were represented to help in the brainstorming and design of Customer experience standards and tools.

Several tools were created to help the Alpin Haus team with ongoing training and processes for creating and maintaining a world-class Customer experience.  This includes:


Alpin Haus has been continuously working with The DiJulius Group since 2017.  The first year included two 2-day workshops to jumpstart the Customer Experience initiative and is when most of the new standards and tools were established.  Each year after has reinforced what was previously learned and established, as well as focusing on new areas to dive into further, such as Internal Culture and Zero Risk.

In 2021, Alpin Haus sent one of their owners through the CX Executive Academy.  In doing so, Alpin Haus was able to build upon their CX foundation, learn new opportunities and strategies to further develop Customer experience practices, and create a more consistent rollout and training strategy for their team.  During this time, their STARS model was integrated into the interview process, internal communication best practices were developed, and their Always/Never list was revised to incorporate items that addressed culture.


The DiJulius Group has helped Alpin Haus create a more consistent experience for Customers and employees.  Having a focus on Customer Experience has helped shift the mindset for employees from transactional to how to provide the best experience possible for Customers.  While many strides have been made in the external Customer Experience, the Alpin Haus team is currently placing an emphasis on the Internal Customer Experience.

Having the Customer experience and going above and beyond being top of mind has helped to create a culture of “what more can we do to wow the Customer?”.  Whether it’s decorating a Customer’s boat when they pick it up on their birthday, giving a free fishing pole to RV rental Customers with children, coming in off hours to service the Customer, changing the tire for a Customer in the parking lot, or going to clean a pool when the family is in need and it’s the last thing they need to worry about, the Alpin Haus team is always looking for ways to go above and beyond.

Now, more than ever before, it is critical to provide a great Customer experience to build brand loyalty.  It starts with the employee experience which in turn flows into the Customer experience.  As Alpin Haus focuses more on the internal Customer experience, increased collaboration between teams and improved morale should then lead to increased sales and reduced turnover.

At a time of increased demand, product availability issues, and staffing challenges, Alpin Haus has been able to increase or maintain NPS scores across all product areas, as well as maintain or improve upon employee engagement scores. In addition, in 2021, Alpin Haus received the following honors:

  • Named Top 50 RV Dealer in North America out of over 2,000 dealers
  • Received Excellence in Customer Satisfaction Award for Chaparral Boats
  • Named Healthiest Employer for programs offered to employees for their health and wellness
  • Received Readers’ Choice awards in top local newspapers for all product areas
  • Maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

The Alpin Haus team strongly values the relationship that they have established with The DiJulius Group over the last few years.  They remain committed to using The DiJulius Group as a valued partner to continue to make improvements in how they do business.  Between the one-on-one consulting with The DiJulius Group, sending a group of 6-8 employees every year to The Customer Service Revolution, and sending one of the owners through the CX Executive Academy, Alpin Haus continues to gain value in the business investment they have made with The DiJulius Group.