Case Study

CBC Federal Credit Union Improves NPS Score With Company-wide Initiative


CBC Federal Credit Union is one of the premier financial service providers in the U.S. It has a strong market position with extensive financial service experience. CBC Federal Credit Union has more than 100 team members and 26,000 memberships with $600 million assets.

CBC Federal Credit Union offers its wide range of financial services in Ventura County and intends to expand to other regions to grow membership. The DiJulius Group partnered with CBC to create an engagement model and to fuel their growth.

Problem Statement

CBC Federal Credit Union wanted to create a world-class organizational culture for its team members to overcome existing and future obstacles.

Assistant Vice President of Service Experience, Annette Vega-Young, said “Keeping team members engaged was a problem because we have rolled out initiatives like this before and it’s never been our own. We have struggled with implementing initiatives and making them stick.”

CBC needed help developing a tool that would create momentum and enthusiasm for departmental leaders, while ensuring consistency throughout the organization.


Our Solution

CBC partnered with TDG through consulting services and the Customer Experience Executive Academy (CXEA).

CBC began with a focus on three of the TDG trademarked 10 Commandment Methodology:

    • World Class Leadership
    • World Class Internal Culture
    • Non-Negotiable Standards

Once the tools were developed, CBC understood that creating a sustainable member experience required implementation of the tools as a part of daily conversations; not just simply a one-time initiative. Leadership met weekly to discuss the RPIs: Results, Progress, & Issues. Relevant issues were then transformed to micro-training sessions for branch-specific continuous education. Each department leader was responsible for reinforcing the Member Experience improvements and implementing micro-training sessions.

The Result

Within one year of rolling out the Commandments above, CBC Federal Credit Union increased their Net Promoter Score (NPS) to an 83.2 world class NPS. According to Qualtrics, a score of >50 is considered “excellent” and a score of >80 is considered “world class”. Similarly sized credit unions average around: 60, while the average banking NPS score is 18. Making CBC nearly 65 points higher than others in the industry, respectively.

Cbccreditunion, The DiJulius Group

TDG has helped CBC Federal Credit Union build a strong foundation to achieve engagement goals. The implementation of strategic huddles has given them the tools, roadmap, and guidance to achieve a world class internal organizational culture, all while maintaining a world class Member Experience.