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KeyBank’s Obsession over Client Experience Sends their NPS and CSAT Scores Soaring


Cleveland, OH-based KeyBank has earned the distinction of Customer Experience Organization of the year, awarded on Oct. 12, 2023, at the 15th annual Customer Service Revolution Conference. Past winners include Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and NewDay USA.

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KeyBank goes from Bottom to Top Bank in Customer Satisfaction

We are so proud to announce that our beloved consulting client, KeyBank, has risen from second last (in 2020) to #3 today, according to the most recent J.D. Power U.S. Retail Banking Advice Satisfaction Study. We have been consulting with KeyBank since 2022, and their Net Promoter Scores (NPS) have dramatically risen during this time. Last quarter (Q4 ’23), KeyBank hit its highest NPS rating in history.

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KeyBank aggressively attacked its customer experience strategy in January 2022 when it began working with The DiJulius Group, a customer experience consulting firm, to dive deep into reviewing its client experience culture.  At the time, KeyBank executives identified their primary issue – a lack of consistency throughout its branch network and Contact Center.  As Executive Vice President Kevin Sloan says, “The enemy living among us is inconsistency.” Like most businesses, KeyBank identified inconsistency in their business – from market to market, branch to branch, banker to banker and even the same teammate depending on the time of day.  A teammate might deliver an exceptional client experience first thing in the morning but a not-so-great experience in the afternoon on a hectic day.

To ensure they make the most of each interaction, KeyBank created a Client Experience Action Statement to help teammates focus on making Moments Matter.

Knowing how important a sense of empathy is to the overall success of this important initiative, Key created videos about a day in the life of clients and teammates.  In the videos, Key takes viewers on a journey behind the scenes of their clients’ and teammates’ lives to help understand one’s highs, lows, stress and success on a given day that can weigh on a person when they walk into a branch or pick up the phone. The message is simple – now that you know the potential back story of a client or teammate, would you treat a client or teammate more empathetically to Make Every Moment Matter?

Key has created experiential standards for its retail branches and contact center teammates. To create and deliver a consistent experience across all communication channels, Key has identified what a consistently exceptional experience should look like and created training so all client-facing teammates have benchmarks and tools to deliver this experience, including focusing on client information such as their recreation and dreams. Key knows gathering and leveraging this type of information is important to build strong client relationships.

Moments Matter was launched throughout most of the organization, including the Retail Bank. Almost 10,000 client-facing teammates have completed a robust certification process.

Training Key teammates includes active listening, capturing client information and using that information to build rapport during client interactions. Key also wanted to ensure teammates had the tools to handle conversations that don’t progress as planned. During a session devoted to problem resolution, Key developed resources to handle complaints consistently, as well as identify areas where they can better set customer expectations.

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“At Key, we are revolutionizing the client and teammate experience by prioritizing Moments Matter, delivering exceptional experiences, and instilling a Moments Matter culture of service and purpose,” Sloan says. “Through weekly communication, recognition programs, coaching and development, we celebrate and reinforce the importance of creating meaningful moments for our teammates and clients. Moments Matter is building on Key’s client centricity foundation and raising the vision for exceptional client and teammate experience to new heights.”

Return on Experience

Since the launch of this initiative, Key has seen a consistent increase in net promoter and client satisfaction scores quarter over quarter. Net promoter scores have increased an average of four points at their retail locations and contact center, while customer satisfaction survey results have increased an average of eight to 10 percentage points.

“We have been fortunate to have worked with a lot of incredible brands,” said John DiJulius, President of The DiJulius Group. “Not too many have demonstrated the obsession KeyBank has in making their client experience their biggest competitive advantage. “From their executive sponsorship to every leader at the branch and contact center level, they are committed to not only creating the experience but to training and ensuring every Key teammate understands their critical role in delivering it during each interaction. We could not be prouder of our association with KeyBank.”