Case Study


Company Overview

Worldwide Express is an industry leading 3rd party logistics company in a highly competitive industry. Jim Bennett was the founder of Team Bennett, a franchisee of Worldwide Express (WWX).


Worldwide Express was losing 19% of their clients annually and they couldn’t make that up with sales. This was due to inconsistent customer experience and lower priced competitors. That is when Jim Bennett, CEO, decided to make the Customer Experience they deliver their #1 priority and hired The DiJulius Group. Bennett explained, “I turned to every single person in my company and said, ‘We are committing to a three-year program because that has to be the difference between us and the other ten thousand people who are out there selling to our customer.’ Within 18 months, our customer attrition rate went from 19% to 3%. Our sales went from $80 million to $120 million.”


How Worldwide Express went from 19% to 3% Customer Attrition

  1. Promoted Audrey Parisi to their Chief Xperience Officer and made her responsible for the overall success of the CX Project.
  2. Created and launched their Customer Service Vision statement, Pillars, Day in the Life of a Customer video, and Never & Always company wide.
  3. Identified their service defects that were causing customer defection, improved their Operations Management processes, and strengthened their Service Recovery steps to assure clients they were a Zero Risk company to do business with.
  4. Introduced non-negotiable experiential standards to significantly improve the experience each client was having at every touchpoint.
  5. Trained all their customer facing employees on how to build stronger customer relationships that dramatically increased customer loyalty.
  6. Created Key Performance Indicators to track and hold all employees and leaders accountable to the success of this project.

Jim Bennett proved, with executive sponsorship, how the customer experience your organization delivers can be your single biggest competitive advantage.


Client retention increased from 81% to 97% over 4 quarters

Annual sales increased from $80 million $120 million