Struggle Well: Thriving in the Aftermath of Trauma

Trauma doesn’t discriminate. The highest cause of anxiety is uncertainty. And today, there’s too much uncertainty. 

Whether it’s overcoming a loss of a spouse, or loss of a child, or dealing with job loss, understanding why allows us to take that opportunity to create a plan to come out of it in a better way. As we learn to thrive after trauma, we learn from these experiences and become a better version of ourselves.

As business leaders, we have to take it upon ourselves to take care of our health in all aspects so we’re still able to take care of our family, our business, and our people.

Living and Thriving in the Aftermath of Trauma

This country’s been at war for the longest period of time in our nation’s history and it’s taking a toll on this generation. One of the few organizations that lend a hand to people going through trauma, specifically PTSD, is the Boulder Crest Foundation. Their primary mission is to help people, specifically the military, combat veterans, first responders, and their families, live great lives in the aftermath of trauma. 

For instance, traumatic brain injuries don’t get better with age. If somebody’s suffering, the whole family suffers. And so, the organization is committed to revolutionizing the way mental health care is provided in this country.

In their hope to extend their teachings and programs to everyone, Ken Falke and Josh Goldberg have written a book called Struggle Well: Thriving in the Aftermath of Trauma. Premised around the philosophy of the organization’s Warrior PATHH Program, the book is also filled with the authors’ personal stories about different traumatic events in their lives.

The Four Elements of Wellness

The book also highlights the four core elements of wellness that can be applied to everyone. Think of it in this geometric shape – a triangle with a circle in the middle that, in an ideal world, touches all three sides of the triangle. 

The Mind – Located at the top point of the triangle, a strong mind provides you with the ability to concentrate, be creative, learn new concepts, and increase our wisdom. 

The Body – Found on the bottom left side of the triangle, a strong body means being strong in the areas of exercise, nutrition, hydration, and sleep.

Finances – This is found on the bottom right side of the triangle.

Spirituality – Found at the center of the triangle, spirituality is defined in three ways – character, relationships, and service to others.

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