Themes of 2018 Consumer Experiences

It is vital to have a Customer Experience theme for 2018 that you can rally your entire organization around. I want to know what your theme is. Here are some excellent suggestions.
1. U.R.X.

URXFeatured, The DiJulius GroupOur employees need to be reminded and told constantly, “You are the Xperience” (URX); that it is about them and how they interact with the Customer. Websites, iPads, apps, and kiosks don’t build relationships, people do. Employees who connect instead of communicate create loyal Customers. Consider making your 2018 CX theme around URX – “You are the Xperience.”

Those who understand that the human touch is an indispensable part and the most important part of a great Customer experience will make the difference. Customers and people are starving for a humanized experience. They want to be recognized as a person, who matters, with a life. It is really about human connection. Whether it is face-to-face, ear-to-ear, or click-to-click.
2. Carpe Momento
The results of your products or services have the least to do with Customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is created by the numerous micro experiences the Customer has with a brand. Employees need to focus on how they can provide a positive experience on EVERY interaction. They need to Carpe Momento – Seize the Moment. Your Service Aptitude training needs to teach them how to do that. We have shared many great examples of this in past eServices, i.e. The Five E’s and FORD.
3. Creating a Customer Service RevolutionUnnamed 3, The DiJulius Group
A radical overthrow of conventional business mentality designed to transform what employees and Customers experience. This shift produces a culture that permeates into people’s personal lives, at home, and in the community, which in turn provides the business with higher sales, morale, and brand loyalty-making price irrelevant. For more information see What A Customer Service Revolution Really Is.
4. Become The Brand Customers Cannot Live Without
We all have a company or two that we cannot fathom life without. What are the few companies that you would be extremely upset if I told you, “You can no longer do business with them, ever again”? The more people you can make feel like they cannot live without your brand, the closer you are to making price irrelevant. For more information, see Six Things That Make Yours The Brand Customers Cannot Live Without.
5. Zero Risk
Being zero risk means having all your employees fully aware of the potential common service defects that can arise at each stage of the Customer experience cycle, then providing training and empowerment so employees can deliver great service recovery when defects do arise, making your company zero risk to deal with.
6. Your CX Is Always On Stage
Your Customer Xperience Is Always On Stage. This has never been truer; the experience your company delivers is on stage 24/7 in numerous ways.
Please email me at and tell me what your 2018 Customer Experience theme is.
Great CX Tool For Your Entire Team
QBStack, The DiJulius Group
A great way to start off 2018 and your CX theme is to get everyone a copy of The BEST Customer Service Quotes Ever Said. This is not only a quote book; it is also a journal. I want people to be able to use this daily at work and in meetings, to carry it around to write down notes and thoughts, and to use the quotes to inspire them and their teams to build world-class Customer service organizations. Get 100 Books for only $10 each, using discount code BCSQ10 at checkout.
Suggestions for how you can use The BEST Customer Service Quotes Ever Said:
  • 964e145b 70ba 4d08 A912 894df89fb3c6, The DiJulius GroupUse in your daily/weekly huddles
  • Share one quote every day with your team and have them think and share how they can make it apply to their role with their Customers and your organization.
  • Have your employees each select a quote they like and say why they think it is so important.
  • Send out a quote of the day via email to your employees.
  • Include a different quote daily or weekly at the bottom of your email signature.
  • Include a quote on customer invoices.
Ways you can use the journal:

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  • Use it in Customer experience meetings.
  • Use it as a notepad.
  • Create your own Customer experience quotes.
  • Use it when you are interacting with other businesses, and record ideas of what you enjoy and opportunities that they might have missed in executing a world-class experience.
  • Be an experience observer.

Get 100 Books for only $10 each, using discount code BCSQ10 at checkout.

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