Learn How to Make Price Irrelevant

It Is Not Our Fault But Still Our Problem

Watch this 90-second video of one of the best learning experiences I ever had when Disney taught me, “While it may not be our fault, it is our problem.”

What If You Added An Experience Tax?

What if your company actually applied an experience tax to everything you sold to your Customers? Similar to a sales tax, at the bottom of the sales slip or the monthly invoice, you would have an experience tax in addition to the original price. What if it was an extra $5 or even an extra $500? Would you do anything differently? What would you add to your product or service to justify the price? Watch this 2-minute video to see how you may already have an Experience Tax in your price.

If You Want To Be A Revolutionary, Surround Yourself With Revolutionaries

When you are trying to do something as special as the Customer servicer Revolution, you don’t get a lot of support. It is hard to find people who actually understand what you are trying to do,” says Jaime Pun, CEO Tai Pak Asian Wok Kitchen. Watch this 1-minute video Pun who shares how you have to ignore the naysayers and find the disrupters.

One Reason Why This Company Is The #1 Franchise In The World

Anytime Fitness’s resume is impressive: The fastest-growing fitness franchise in the world, recognized as the world’s “Top Global Franchise” by Entrepreneur magazine and best company to work for, just to name a few. Watch this 90 second video to see one of the reasons why.

The Three Pillars To Building Admired Brands

Michel Falcon, a successful entrepreneur and international keynote speaker, consults his clients to focus on 1) customer experience, 2) employee engagement and 3) company culture, which he calls “three pillars” to grow revenue, increase profitability and build-admired brands.

Falcon Hospitality Management Company owns and operates four large-scale restaurants/venues in Toronto, Canada employing nearly 400 employees. Michel has also advised or spoken to executives from companies like McDonalds, BlueCross BlueShield, Alfa Romeo, Electronic Arts and many others.

Michel Falcon Presenting At The Secret Service Summit

The DiJulius Group is excited to announce that Michel Falcon once again will be keynoting at the 2017 Secret Service Summit, October 26th & 27th in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Only 7 weeks away! Register for the Secret Service Summit & save $500 and be the first persons to receive Daniel Pink’s newest book When.

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