Secret Service Summit Speaker: TJ Schier

In 2007, TJ Schier founded SMART Restaurant Group, which today has grown to owning and operating more than a dozen Which Wich Superior Sandwiches franchises. How did Schier grow his restaurant group? First by creating an strong Customer Service Vision statement “Making the Guest say WOW”, and making sure every team member understands that, and they use that to hire people against. As a result of his successful restaurant group, Schier has written numerous books and now runs Incentivize Solutions, which provides custom training materials and guest service programs to help companies become more effective.

Our own Dave Murray sits down with TJ and interviews him about how he has built a world-class Customer service organization. See TJ speak live at this year’s Secret Service Summit November 5th & 6th in Cleveland!

About The Author

Dave Murray

Dave is the Senior Customer Experience Consultant for The DiJulius Group and has helped dozens of companies create incredible systems that allow them to consistently deliver superior customer service. Dave’s experience has varied from leading call centers and front-line team members, to working closely with key partners and stakeholders.