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A Secret Service ATM – A Canadian Bank, TD Bank, thanks their most regular Customers in the most personalized and heartfelt way. Being a “regular” means you build relationships with employees. And if the employees are trained well, listening and recording your Customer intelligence, a business can provide Secret Service. TD Bank demonstrates this better than anyone I have ever seen, as they turn their ATMs into “Automated Thanking Machines.” Wait ’til you see their Customers’ reactions to the amazing surprises TD Bank delivers in this 4 minute must see video, which has been viewed over 11 million times already.

Kids can be seen but not heard – A restaurant located in the middle of Monterey’s Old Fisherman’s Grotto, which is frequented by mostly families, has banned guests with strollers, high chairs, or booster seats. In addition,

“Children crying or making loud noises are a distraction to other diners, and as such are not allowed in the dining room.”

The restaurant’s owner, Chris Shake, said if Customers don’t like the rules, they can go somewhere else for dinner. “If a place has the rules, that’s what the rules are,” Shake said. “You go in and abide by the rules or you find a place more suitable for you.” Sound too crazy to be true? Read the full story.

Your cell phone will soon act as your hotel room key – Traditional plastic hotel room cards are getting replaced by your cell phones, making it less likely that you won’t lose or deactivate by accident. Hilton Hotels announces it’s rolling out new technology that will allow people to use smartphones as room keys. Hilton Hotels’ new app allows you to check in, order extra amenities, pick the floor you want to be on, and soon will allow you to enter the hotel room. This means guests will be able to book, check in, and enter your hotel room without ever needing to come in contact with the front desk receptionist.

Only 6 weeks left to Join the Revolution! The DiJulius Group has created the #1 Customer Service Conference ever produced. The 2014 Secret Service Summit will be held this November 5th & 6th in Cleveland, Ohio. This is a two-day, international seminar dedicated exclusively to world-class Customer service. The lineup includes respected authorities, authors, consultants, and top-brand executives who run world-class Customer service organizations. The 2014 Secret Service Summit is guaranteed to be the best ROI of any professional development training/seminar you have experienced. The Secret Service Summit will enable your management team to return with a solid plan to take your company’s Customer experience to the next level and make price irrelevant.

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