Delight the Customer or Lose Your Job

Delight the Customer or LOSE YOUR JOB

D6a41a7a 22c7 476f 9cf9 2ba2a6a7a9de, The DiJulius Group In a memo to all his employees, the CEO of Restoration Hardware, Gary Friedman, told his employees, “We need a MASSIVE CHANGE IN OUR CULTURE AND ATTITUDE RIGHT NOW.”  Order-cancellation rates at RH Modern have climbed to 17 percent, up from around five percent. “YOU WILL NEVER GET IN TROUBLE FOR MAKING A DECISION TO DELIGHT OUR CUSTOMERS. YOU WILL, HOWEVER, LOSE YOUR JOB IF YOU DON’T,” said Friedman. Read full article, “Delight the Customer or Lose your Job.”

The Power of a Service Vision

Jeff Zirker, Chief Xperience Officer of The Select Group, shares his company’s experience in creating a Customer Service Vision in his article, “The Power of a Service Vision: How The Select Group Locked Arms to Impact Lives One Positive Experience at a Time.”  Zirker explains what it takes and what you have to overcome in launching a Service Vision statement that not only gives employees a strong purpose, but also something actionable that E8d00a4b E854 4da3 B08e Df14a8dd7721, The DiJulius Groupteam members can deliver in every interaction with their Customers. “The TSG Purpose was brought to life through a day-in-the-life video, which included scenarios submitted by TSG employees based on real customer interactions,” says Zirker, who is part of the 2016 CXE Academy class. Check out the three-minute video of TSG’s Day in the Life of a Customer.

Don’t forget the ‘social’ part of social media

“The rules of engagement of traditional marketing, advertising, and  public relations is no longer an effective tool because of the way in929534cd 1131 4c08 825d 18e7623a2189, The DiJulius Group which people are interacting in the new channels of communications. Now, the mistake that most companies are making is they are using these channels as an opportunity to sell stuff. It is really not designed for that. In fact I would submit that you should really resist that temptation and use social media as reservoir of trust with your customers.”
~Howard Schultz, CEO Starbucks

Another reason to LOVE Cleveland
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Has Cleveland quietly become the epicenter of the Midwest food scene? So it  appears in a recent article, “Hot new dining city: Cleveland.” Michael Ruhlman, world-famous food writer, and the national food press — Gourmet, Food & Wine, Esquire and — heaped praise on several Cleveland spots this year for best new restaurant, best steakhouse, best farm-to-table programs and great new neighborhood eateries. Cleveland is also known as the Customer Service Capital, hosting America’s #1 Customer Service conference, the Secret Service Summit, on September 29-30, 2016.

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