005: How to Be the ONLY in Your Industry with Jesse Cole

What makes you stand out from the rest in your industry?

It can’t just be the price. It can’t just be the product.

Think fans first.

Think not just customer experience – but remarkable customer experience.

But what kind of experience would make you different? 

How do you keep your customers wanting more?

Today, Jesse Cole, also known as The Yellow Tux Guy, shares about how to create a remarkable experience for your customers each time – so that you can become the ONLY in your industry!

Jesse Cole is the founder of Fans First Entertainment and owner of The Savannah Bananas, a college baseball team that has sold out every game for three straight seasons. They even have a waiting list for thousands of tickets!


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Factors that can improve performance
  • The most powerful marketing tool there is
  • What makes you the ONLY
  • How to create those “you wouldn’t believe” moments
  • How to be someone’s favorite rather than being the best

Resources mentioned:

Find Your Yellow Tux: How to Be Successful by Standing Out

Have a blast watching these Savannah Banana videos!

About The Author

John DiJulius

John R. DiJulius is a best-selling author, consultant, keynote speaker and President of The DiJulius Group, the leading Customer experience consulting firm in the nation. He blogs on Customer experience trends and best practices.