010: Becoming a Virtuoso with Mike Rayburn

Dave Murray talks with Mike Rayburn – a guitar virtuoso, a wonderful comedian, and an awesome motivational speaker. Combine these three amazing talents and what you get is a keynote artist.

Mike is a Hall of Fame speaker. He has given two TEDx Talks and has headlined at Carnegie Hall as a musician. Instead of using PowerPoint in his keynote presentations, he uses guitar and comedy to make things more impactful, fun, and engaging.

Today, Mike talks about creating that space for your vision to flourish by adopting the concept of “what if” mentality and striving to become a virtuoso in whatever field you choose.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why you need to pay attention to hecklers
  • The “what if” mindset and how to apply it during challenging times
  • How to become a virtuoso
  • What significance over success means
  • Tips for staying fit


Resources mentioned:

The DiJulius Group: https://thedijuliusgroup.com/

Watch Mike Rayburn’s TEDx Talks:


About The Author

Dave Murray

Dave is the Senior Customer Experience Consultant for The DiJulius Group and has helped dozens of companies create incredible systems that allow them to consistently deliver superior customer service. Dave’s experience has varied from leading call centers and front-line team members, to working closely with key partners and stakeholders.