011: Fostering Social Responsibility with DJ Santiago

Giving back to the community is not just about writing a check. Social service should be way more than that.

You have to get involved and find out what people with different backgrounds are like. And it starts with having those conversations.

In this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, John DiJulius interviews coach DJ Santiago, the Founder of Aspiring Athletes, about the need for companies and individuals to step up and address social inequality. 

It isn’t easy for Latin Americans to overcome the adversities that accompany the inner-city at-risk youth population. While many of his friends ended up in prison or dead, DJ found a way to beat insurmountable odds to become a professional athlete, successful business owner, and author. 

Both John and DJ are board members of Believe in Dreams, a nonprofit organization that seeks to fulfill the dreams of disadvantaged children who have suffered traumatic hardships.

This is an inspiring story that we hope you enjoy! 

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • What impact does social responsibility have on your company and the community?
  • What is it like to grow up in the inner city?
  • Why do you need to acknowledge that racism exists both publicly and privately?
  • What does the concept of diversity and inclusion really mean?
  • How can you learn about different cultures and backgrounds of people? 
  • How does DJ make sure he doesn’t forget where he comes from?
  • What kinds of questions should we use in those conversations?
  • How is the coronavirus situation similar to racism?
  • How is having a dialogue different than having a discussion?
  • Can we cure this problem of racism?


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