012: Key Takeaways from Today’s Featured Leader: Howard Schultz – Part 1

In today’s episode, Chief Revolution Officer and customer service consultant John DiJulius and senior consultant Dave Murray from The DiJulius Group feature the man who revolutionized, not only the coffee industry but the entire retail and hospitality industry – Howard Schultz.

Howard’s actions as a leader and what he had done to build Starbucks has created so much useful content in the consulting world. Today, Starbucks has become the gold standard in what they deliver to their team members and their customers, which other organizations now try to emulate.

Starbucks doesn’t win a lot of taste tests. People don’t necessarily love their coffee more than anywhere else. But they would pay $5 for something you can get for $3.50 or less elsewhere and that’s arguably just as good.

So what makes the Starbucks experience so compelling that millions of people would go against every logic?

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • What Howard Schultz has done to build the Starbucks brand.
  • How Starbucks managed to make price irrelevant.
  • How Starbucks became so successful being the third place between home and work.
  • How Schultz went against the grain of traditional quick-service experience.
  • How to create an emotional relationship with your team, your vendors, and your customers.
  • The 5 E’s of genuine hospitality.
  • How rapid growth can ruin a company.
  • Howard Schultz’s early days.
  • How Schultz didn’t ask customers what they wanted, he gave them something they couldn’t live without
    What Starbucks stands for.
  • How Schultz demonstrates Executive Sponsorship to ensuring Starbucks was obsessed with customer experience.
  • How to remove personal interpretation with customer platitudes and make it crystal clear, black & white so all employees can execute customer service the same way.
  • What genuine hospitality really looks like.
  • FORD = Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams


Resources mentioned:

The Commoditization of the Starbucks Experience Memo: https://global.oup.com/us/companion.websites/fdscontent/uscompanion/us/static/companion.websites/9780199379996/pdf/ch7/Starbucks_Memo.pdf



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