021: Boring Loses Business with Darren LaCroix

Darren LaCroix went from being a struggling stand-up comedian to winning the title of The World Champion of Public Speaking in less than nine years. He may have been born without a funny bone in his body, but he possessed the desire to learn and the willingness to fail. This self-proclaimed student of comedy is living proof that anything can be learned!

Today, Darren will share how he made this amazing transformation as well as how you can transform your day-to-day communication in your business.

Darren is currently the only speaker in the world who is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), an AS (Accredited Speaker), and a World Champion of Public Speaking. He is also the co-host of Unforgettable Presentations podcast. 

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • Why boring loses business
  • What drove Darren to keep getting on stage
  • How he became the World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Be a sponge and be open to learning!
  • How to craft a great story your customers can relate to
  • Earning a million dollars, not for the money, but for the person it makes you
  • Why you shouldn’t tell your stories in the past tense
  • How to change the pace elements to keep your audience engaged in a keynote


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About The Author

Dave Murray

Dave is the Senior Customer Experience Consultant for The DiJulius Group and has helped dozens of companies create incredible systems that allow them to consistently deliver superior customer service. Dave’s experience has varied from leading call centers and front-line team members, to working closely with key partners and stakeholders.