042: Customer Bill of Rights: You Want Customer Loyalty? Be Brilliant at The Basics

Chief Revolution Officer John DiJulius of the DiJulius Group talks with Jess Pischel, Customer Experience Consultant for The DiJulius Group and Dean of the Customer eXperience Executive Academy. John and Jess talk about how the best customer service companies in the world are so consistent in the experience they deliver because they are brilliant at the basics. They also discuss how you can create a simple customer bill of rights that includes the things everyone in your organization should always do or never do when representing your brand. 

You will learn:

  • What is the Customer Bill of Rights?
  • How the best customer service companies are brilliant at the basics.
  • Guidelines in creating the Never & Always list.
  • The best Never & Always are going to be the ones you create with your team in a workshop-style format.
  • Examples of Never & Always that you can apply to your organization.
    • Never point, always show them. 
    • Never say no, always focus on what you can do. 
    • Never say, “I don’t know,” always say, “Let me find out.”
    • Never accept fine or okay, always have excellence as the standard. 
  • The two words that are going to boost your business by 12% and increase your perceived value.
  • Examples of Never & Always that are virtual or email-specific.
  • What’s common sense to us may not be common sense to our new customer-facing employees.
  • You need to explain to your employees the context around your Never & Always list.
  • The Customer Bill of Rights is the low-hanging fruit that every organization has the opportunity to implement and create.
  • Ways to be creative in developing your own list.

Resources mentioned:



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The Customer Service Revolution book that has dozens of Never & Always examples created by our clients: https://thedijuliusgroup.com/product/the-customer-service-revolution/

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