098: Boundless with Andy Bailey

Andy Bailey is a best-selling author and business coach. He started his first business in college and grew it to be an INC 500 multi-million dollar company. Through this experience, he learned how to build great organizations. 

Most recently, Andy founded the company Petra. He spends his time coaching and passing on to other entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders the principles and practices he used to build his own successful enterprise. 

In this episode, Andy is joining us to discuss how he has taught hundreds of business leaders to reach their potential, what the greatest obstacle to scaling a business is today, what it means to become boundless, and how to do it. Tune in to hear from the incredible friend and mentor, Andy Bailey.

You Will Learn:

  1. Andy’s backstory.
  2. Why the recurring revenue model is so powerful.
  3. Why Andy sold his first business.
  4. How Petra came to be and what the name means.
  5. Why Andy has stepped away from Petra and pivoted to Boundless.
  6. What his book Boundless is all about.
  7. Why it’s so important to “live boundless.”
  8. How Andy has combatted panic with his team members and the people he’s coached.

Resources mentioned:

Boundless Website

Email Andy: andy@boundless.me

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