109: Customer eXperience Executive Panel

According to Forbes, the CXE, or Customer eXperience Executive, is one of the fastest-growing roles. The DiJulius Group even offers a 12-month master’s course in customer experience called Customer eXperience Executive Academy. Its graduates have many success stories but have been through some of the same challenges and roadblocks your organization may be going through as it attempts to improve the customer experience

Rolling out new training to a team can be a tremendous undertaking. The customer experience that Chick-fil-A has today didn’t happen overnight. Instead, it improved incrementally over time, and they constantly strive to improve further.

Jess Pischel, a Customer Experience Consultant and Speaker with The DiJulius Group, spends her time helping clients generate ideas, turn them into systems, and implement them enterprise-wide. Jess has a Master’s in Business Administration and has worked directly with world-class brands like LUSH Cosmetics, Celebrity Cruises, and Lexus. She has a passion for working on meaningful projects and growth while creating leaders that move results through their people, leading to culture shifts, which bring new initiatives and successful project plans with measurable results.

This episode is from Jess’s presentation at the Customer Service Revolution Conference in Cleveland on Nov 7th, 2022. In this tell-all session, the top Customer Experience Executives from multiple industries unveil how to overcome roadblocks and hurdles while avoiding costly mistakes. Find out what it takes to lead an organization’s entire customer and employee experience from those who have mastered it.

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • What the CXE role is, and why it’s one of the fastest-growing positions
  • What the Customer eXperience Executive Academy is and the methodology behind it
  • How to roll out new training material and implement change management best practices
  • Some examples of internal communications practices and how to implement them
  • Why you should weave training and reinforcement into your organization’s culture
  • The challenges you may face when you’re communicating to different locations and the importance of consistency
  • How certification can increase learning retention from training workshops
  • What the keys are to measuring success
  • How to gain buy-in from the critics and cynics
  • Why you should be consistent with the teaching so that it’s consistent in practice
  • How to ensure that your program doesn’t become “flavor of the month”
  • How to gain executive sponsorship

Resources mentioned:


The Customer Service Revolution Podcast

The 2023 Customer Service Revolution Conference

Customer Experience Executive Academy

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