122: The Enemy of Great Customer Experience is Inconsistency

Imagine transforming how you handle customer service from a necessary part of the business to a moment that truly matters to the client. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

In today’s episode of The Customer Service Revolution, John welcomes Kevin Sloan, executive vice president of the branch network at KeyBank. You’ll discover the revolutionary approach to customer service that sets KeyBank apart in the banking industry.

Kevin takes us through the journey of KeyBank’s “Moments Matter” initiative, a transformational client experience project. He presents the essence of their initiative – the three pillars – head, heart, and hero, and how focusing on these aspects has enabled their team members to forge meaningful connections with their clients. From the intricacies of team selection for the steering committee to maintaining legacy phrases while ushering in new terminologies, Kevin gives a detailed account of their process, successes, and even the challenges they faced.

With Kevin’s insights, you’ll learn how to bring about a cultural shift in your organization, making every client interaction a moment to remember. From the importance of tying the client experience to strategy and starting small to considering sustainability, Kevin shares impressive advice for anyone looking to launch a successful customer experience project. Plus, we delve into the creative ways KeyBank ensured engagement and tracked progress while implementing their project.

Get ready to revolutionize your approach to customer service, courtesy of Kevin Sloan and KeyBank’s incredible journey.

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • Kevin’s insights into KeyBank’s client experience transformation called “Moments Matter”
  • The three core pillars of KeyBank’s initiative – head, heart, and hero – and how focusing on these elements enables their team members to create meaningful moments for their clients
  • KeyBank’s strong commitment to consistent customer service, irrespective of the customer interaction platform, be it branches, the contact center, or other channels
  • How the steering committee was carefully chosen to represent diverse roles and perspectives, including those of front-line, client-facing employees
  • The “Moments Matter” initiative’s focus on improving the internal teammate-to-teammate experience
  • The use of innovative tactics like harnessing the power of an LMS to track participation and fostering a culture of recognition to promote engagement and attendance in the initiative

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