125: Learning to Live Life on Your Own Terms

Prepare to be amazed as John ventures alongside the dynamic Anne Mahlum, a prominent American entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and philanthropist with a knack for starting and building businesses that make a real difference.

From launching the revolutionary non-profit “Back on My Feet” – a transformative running club for the homeless, to founding one of the country’s most successful boutique fitness companies, “Solid Core,” Anne’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Her story is packed with lessons on tenacity, vision, and the power of voluntary behavior.

Get ready for a deep dive into the genesis of Anne’s journey, starting with a simple idea that transformed into a life-changing movement. Hear about how she battled skepticism and adversity to build a running club for the homeless, which grew into a nationwide initiative, creating communities of respect and dignity across 12 American cities without a single penny of government funding. Anne’s belief in humanity and the power of positive reinforcement shines through as she shares the astounding transformations she’s witnessed.

Finally, John explores Anne’s entrepreneurial journey, where she transferred her skills and vision from non-profit to profit by creating Solid Core. Discover how she leveraged her understanding of branding and community building to propel this boutique fitness company into national success. As they round off their conversation, hear Anne’s empowering advice on living life on your terms. She’ll share more of her wisdom as the keynote speaker at the upcoming 2023 Customer Service Revolution in Cleveland, Ohio. Her speech, “Learning to Live on Your Own Terms,” promises to be a game-changer. 

Don’t miss out on this inspiring journey with Anne Mahlum.

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • Who Anne Mahlum is – an American entrepreneur who founded the nonprofit “Back on My Feet” and the successful fitness company “Solid Core”
  • How Anne started “Back on My Feet,” a running club for the homeless, which grew into a nationwide initiative with no government funding
  • Anne’s observations on the power of voluntary behavior and positive reinforcement in transforming lives
  • Her transition from nonprofit to profit with “Solid Core,” using her skills in branding and community building
  • Anne’s journey in building “Solid Core” into a national success
  • John’s Announcement that Anne will be the keynote speaker at the 2023 Customer Service Revolution in Cleveland, Ohio, where she’ll share advice on living life on your terms

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