128: Ignite by Possibility

Can you remember the last time you silenced your inner voice? 

This episode of The Customer Service Revolution invites you to a fascinating conversation with Bronkar Lee, whose journey from an overweight kid to a high-profile entertainer, performer, and motivational speaker is inspirational. Bronkar’s unique blend of music and circus entertainment, which has earned him spots on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and a Super Bowl commercial, is a testament to his grit and talent.

Bronkar takes us through his journey, sharing how harnessing his internal dialogue has aided his personal growth and equipped him to help others. He also discusses the shift towards more open conversations on mental health, a topic that’s gained significant attention amid the global pandemic. With a unique perspective on managing negative self-talk, he reveals his strategy rooted in reflection and projection, highlighting the energy that our words carry.

Have you ever wondered how people overcome challenges in their daily lives and still manage to stay positive? 

Bronkar shares an incident with his new fridge, showcasing the power of intentionality, presence, and effective communication in resolving issues. As we gear up for The Customer Service Revolution Conference, Bronkar promises an energizing experience in his dual roles as a keynote speaker and emcee. Closing with an intimate glimpse into his parenting approach, he discusses the importance of imparting emotional and mental skills to his sons. 

Buckle up for an exciting ride with Bronkar Lee, filled with laughter, motivation, and much more.

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • Bronkar Lee’s story as an overweight child to becoming a star performer and motivational speaker
  • The significance of mental health and strategies to combat negative self-talk
  • Bronkar’s experience with customer service and how he used intent, presence, and communication to resolve an issue with a faulty fridge
  • His upcoming roles as an emcee and keynote speaker at The Customer Service Revolution Conference
  • Bronkar’s approach to parenting that focuses on the importance of equipping his sons with emotional and mental skills
  • His unique blend of music and circus entertainment and how it helped his career take off
  • The power of inner dialogue and its impact on personal growth, mental health, and customer service

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Bronkar Lee’s viral video – www.facebook.com/watch/?v=10154801517787606



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