129: Going From One Spa Room to the Fastest-Growing Med Spa in the US

Want to know the secret to growing a business from a humble start in the back of a tanning salon to a nationwide franchise?

On today’s episode of The Customer Service Revolution, John’s guest, Joe Stanoszek, founder of the fastest-growing med spa in the country, VioMed Spa, shares his awe-inspiring journey and how his commitment to exceptional customer service played a significant role in his success. With a candid conversation about his personal story, including his struggles with hyperpituitarism and how testosterone therapy helped him grow, you’re in for an episode filled with resilience, tenacity, and a deep dive into the reality of entrepreneurship.

As we traverse Joe’s entrepreneurial journey, we explore his initial ventures in the dry cleaning business and tanning, as well as the impact of the tanning tax on his business. He then explains how he dared to venture into laser spa services, metamorphosing from a one-room laser spa to a larger location offering various services. If you are intrigued by stories of transformation and growth, you will love hearing about Joe’s partnership with a franchise development team in 2017, propelling VioMed Spa to a nationwide audience.

The medical spa industry is projected to grow by over 300% by 2026. How does Joe navigate this rapid growth? We talk about his experiences delegating daily operations and the pandemic’s unexpected role in boosting the industry. Joe also emphasizes the importance of stellar customer service and making customers feel valued, a belief he credits to the success of VioMed Spa.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Joe’s journey, his astonishing work ethic, and his belief in the power of self-trust.

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • Joe Stanoszek’s humble beginnings, from growing up with hyperpituitarism and relying on testosterone therapy to becoming the chief innovation officer of the fastest-growing med spa in the country
  • The evolution of VioMed Spa from starting in a small room in the back of a tanning salon to becoming a nationwide franchise, offering a wide range of services from laser spa to injectables
  • His strategic decision to delegate day-to-day operations as the med spa industry is projected to grow by over 300% by 2026
  • The role the pandemic has played in boosting the med spa industry and Joe’s unique perspective on customer service
  • Joe’s views on creating personalized customer experiences and the importance of developing relationships with customers and making them feel valued
  • His personal journey from struggling in college to leading a thriving med-spa chain, attributing his success to hard work and belief in himself

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