140: How to Build a World-Class Sales Team

When sales guru Morné Smit sits down to chat, you know it’s time to take notes. His journey from a humble sales start to revolutionizing company growth is nothing short of inspiring, and that’s precisely what we get into in this episode.

On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, with Morné at the helm, we explore the legacy of mentorship as he takes on Jack Daly’s intellectual property in Europe, illustrating just how invaluable such relationships are in business.

Prepare to revolutionize your approach to sales and marketing as we synthesize the two into a powerhouse duo. Morné’s mantra, “Master sales, guarantee growth, and predict success,” lays the groundwork for our discussion on fostering a collaborative culture, rejecting the outdated competitive models, and homing in on the markets that matter. We delve into strategies for crafting sales techniques that resonate in today’s oversaturated market, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful questioning and the art of listening to forge authentic connections.

Building a triumphant sales team is an art form in itself, and in this episode, we share the blueprint. Learn why maintaining a “virtual bench” of potential recruits could be your next game-changer and how to spot candidates who bring more than just a polished resume to the table. Plus, we’re looking ahead, equipping you with tactics to empower your sales force for 2024, including the development of a killer sales playbook and a vision for the future that will have your team primed for success.

Don’t miss this masterclass in sales strategy, where we lay out the roadmap to growth for your company.

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • Morné Smit’s transformation from a starting sales role to leading Emmer’s Group with sustainable year-over-year growth for clients
  • Morné’s inheritance of Jack Daly’s sales intellectual property
  • The impact of mentorship and succession in business
  • Morné’s credo, “Master sales, guarantee growth, and predict success,” as a reflection of the integration of sales and marketing for business triumph
  • Techniques for sales differentiation to foster genuine client connections
  • Identifying potential sales talent by focusing on desire, commitment, and coachability over skill sets
  • Building a successful sales team by creating a “virtual bench” of candidates, using sales playbooks, and emphasizing cultural fit
  • The necessity of a detailed three-year plan and robust sales playbook to navigate evolving business challenges

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