142: Improving Patient Experience in Healthcare

Unlock the secrets to elevating your business and improving patient experience in healthcare with Matt Jensen.  

On this episode of The Customer Service Revolution, we uncover Matt’s journey with Vance Thompson Vision.  Then we reveal how an unwavering commitment to improving patient experience has propelled them to the forefront of vision care. Next, we uncover the necessary ingredients for becoming a brand that customers cannot live without, from the art of presentation skills in leadership to fostering a culture where every team member feels empowered to perform acts of kindness.

As we unravel the leadership and personal growth narrative, John shares his experience of taking a sabbatical.  In addition, he explains the profound clarity it brought to his life. The importance of work-life balance and investing in yourself takes center stage, outlining how these principles are integral for individual well-being and cultivating a supportive business environment. Then the conversation delves into the emotional toll leadership can take.  Moreover, how embracing vulnerability leads to stronger community ties, exemplified by Matt Jensen Marketing’s hands-on approach to healthcare marketing.

John and Matt touch upon the African philosophy of Ubuntu, which underpins the essence of our interconnectedness and shared responsibility. Subsequently, this discussion reveals the role of customer service and personal development in business success. It’s an invitation to go beyond transactional relationships when improving patient experience and create an environment where personal growth is celebrated, and the human element is revered in business.

Join John and Matt and join the revolution, bridging the gap between exceptional customer experience and leadership authenticity.\

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • Matt Jensen’s journey with Vance Thompson Vision that showcases the role of improving patient experience for business success
  • Strategies for becoming an indispensable brand including sharing knowledge, understanding client goals, and empowering teams to perform kindness
  • Leadership impact: fostering environments where employees feel empowered to provide exceptional service
  • The “daymaker dopamine” concept
  • The importance of personalized customer experiences
  • The emotional toll of leadership and work-life balance
  • Embracing vulnerability and building strong communities through supportive networks and authentic marketing approaches in healthcare
  • The African philosophy of Ubuntu that emphasizes interconnectedness and shared responsibility

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