143: Motivating Millennials & Gen Zs in the Workplace

Have you wondered what motivates the Millennials and what motivates Gen Zs in the workplace? And how do you overcome it?

Welcome to a new chapter in The Customer Service Revolution, where we explore the seismic shift in how businesses approach client satisfaction and its profound ripple effect on company culture and employee morale.  Additionally, the content of this episode reveals the solutions to the question “what motivates the Millennials and Gen Zers on my team?

In this conversation, join John and Franco Greco of NewDay USA as we unravel the ethos of exceptional customer service and how it’s redefining success. Listen as Franco undeniably shares his innovative strategies for engaging with and what motivates the millennial and Gen Z workforce, highlighting the impact of these dynamic generations on a company’s growth trajectory.

The Changing Landscape Millennials and Gen Zs Bring

This episode explores the changing landscape of recruitment and training.  Moreover, it focuses on the untapped potential of hiring older employees. As we navigate the nuances of generational differences in the workplace, we uncover how NewDay USA’s shifted hiring practices.  Rather than focus where they always have, they leveraged the rich experience of seasoned professionals to strengthen their teams. Additionally, we touch on the effect of remote work on the industry, revealing the challenges and triumphs of adapting to new modes of career development and client communication.

The art of leadership and the strategic cultivation of future leaders take center stage as we discuss fostering a cohesive team and enhancing the veteran experience in the mortgage market. Hear how NewDay USA’s commitment to customer experience and leadership development has been instrumental in creating a robust corporate culture and improving client retention.

From managing client communication to balancing work and life, this episode is packed with actionable advice for business leaders aiming to create a lasting impact in their industries.

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • Franco Greco’s success at NewDay USA through a focus on customer service that enhances company culture and client satisfaction
  • A strategic shift in hiring practices that prioritizes the experience of older employees and adapting to attract Gen Z’s work-life balance desires
  • Hiring motivated individuals with diverse backgrounds
  • Interview techniques that reveal true character over-rehearsed responses
  • Investment in a Customer Experience Executive Academy to improve interdepartmental relations and customer service skills across the company
  • Initiating innovative team-building strategies by developing future leaders
  • Addressing veteran customer service experiences to reduce opt-outs
  • Consistent client communication
  • Understanding the unique needs of older veterans in financial services to maintain relationships
  • Work-life balance and the power of networking and mentorship

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John R. DiJulius is a best-selling author, consultant, keynote speaker and President of The DiJulius Group, the leading Customer experience consulting firm in the nation. He blogs on Customer experience trends and best practices.